Probably a dumb question

Someone who is involved with me asked about using mirrors on the bottom of box for reflectivity has anyone tried this or have any thoughts. My concern is creating hot spots but I really didn’t have a answer for him, told him I didn’t know so what are some thoughts on this

@Sirsmokes honestly, I’ve never heard of it but I’ve been “out of the loop” for a number of years. I think the “hot spot” idea is valid concern though, not to mention risking 7 yrs of bad luck if you drop your scissors.


haven’t seen anything on mirrors.

But almost every tent has a mylar floor (or whatever that shiny stuff is called) that is reflective… Truth is (to me), such a small area is not really worth a lot of thought, once the canopy grows, the light shouldn’t reach the floor anyways. But this is my personal opinion, I have no science t back it up…

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Right I didn’t know either I have recently put a mylar blanket on the bottom but I havery always just painted everything flat white

But my box is pretty wide and just with the pareticular plants I have you can see floor

I agree. I can’t see it making that much of a difference. Light filtering through the canopy, then reflecting back up will have zero intensity. I honestly think that they just make the tent all out of the same material because a separate floor just means an extra process and more stuff you need on hand to make the tent.

I’ve never been a fan of foil and really this mylar blanket I’m not sure if it’s not doing anything out of being a pain in the ass to have to straighten when moving and rotating the girls

If it possible, you could just paint it a flat white. Almost is as reflective as the mylar blanket, and a heck of a lot easier to work with…

It is white like I said I just had no answer to give hI’m other than hot spots

I stapled mine to the walls :slight_smile:


Plants don’t absorb light from the bottom of the leaves so there’s not much utility.


There you go makes sense!!

It could retain warmth if that is an issue, but then again, it could retain warmth, which could be an issue… See what I did there? :slight_smile:

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Nice got cha


That’s one of the things you don’t want is hot spots and 7 year’s of bad luck as @Screwauger stated

Will high-five


@Screwauger has the best reason not to with 7 years bad luck but actually mirrors dont reflect the light the plants use very well at all for some reason . People on here have me convinced that one of the best reflection surfaces is just flat white paint . I am a lucky grower not a experienced one but it seems to me there must be some benefits to side lights as many buy extra lights to have as a side light good luck


I was considering getting a sheet or two of that exterior insulating foam (the sheets with the foil on one side) to use for constructing fake walls for my grow closet. (to make separate areas).

I am now rethinking that.

Yes old stoner is right just get a gallon of cheap flat white it works great

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I am also thinking that the foam-board might not be a bad idea (completely opaque, and can be made air tight with tape!)

And the cool thing is, you could even make it the foil-side out, and have the pure white Styrofoam stuff on the inside. Noise reduction for fans, a little more shiny than flat paint, a stoner with a plan and a box-cutter could be a DaVinci!

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That you can it’s fun to build your own box.

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