Probable planted too close together

But, that one lady is over 10 feet tall. Gonna have to fire up the chain saw come harvest


Very Nice!



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Nice and healthy!!!

Nice work. My outsides were over 7 ft tall. About 8 I bent them all down horizontally base of stalks where fat like soda cans lol

Don’t want to jink it but,
I water them in the morning with the hose. I have the meters but haven’t checked anything. I did notice some bug bites so I picked up some Captn Jack neem spray. Sure I’ve talked to them a little bit but who doesn’t talk to a good looking lady? Gonna be a trimming party at my place in the fall.

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Very nice nd healthy.
Happy growing…

That’s what it looks like when weed chokes out tomatoes. And that’s a good problem.
Very nice plants!

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What strains are you growing? Very impressive.

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So is that a public party or invite only? Your new friend

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