Pro mix question

Hello all,
I’ve seen a lot of people using the pro mix soil for there grows. (I’ve only ever used sunshine mix #4)
Is this the pro mix that people use? I work at a hardware store and noticed we sell pro mix and wanted to make sure this is the stuff everyone uses. Will be nice to be able to get it right at work rather than driving up to the grow store.

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what all does it consist of? i use sunshine 4 also,i went from the yellow bag to their pro mix… sunshine pro mix does not look like that,or at least mine did not…

I’ll take a snap shot of the ingredients in a few. I was not aware that sunshine made a pro mix I just assumed when people were taking about pro mix they meant that as a brand name not another version of sunshine.

In there website this is what they have listed as ingredients
Canadian sphagnum peat moss (65-75%)
Dolomitic & calcitic limestone (pH adjuster)
Wetting agent
Mycorrhizae - GHA297 Technology

Most likely I’ll stick with sunshine #4 because it is listed as organic by OMRI and I like to stay organic whenever I can.

that is what i like growing in also,pretty straight forward…and no bugs


Hey there,

Yes, and No. Yes that is Promix HP. I use ProMix BX. Overall, I do not think it will make a difference because wither should have about the same ingredients. (I actually need to research this) :slight_smile:
If you use it. Mix your base nutrients as directed on either the bottle, or brand feeding schedule.

mycorhizae, perlite, vermiculite
dolomitic lime should be in the ingredients. Basically, it is a professional nursery mix.

OK. I checked it out. This has all I listed. What confused me is: I use Premier Promix BX. The p[roduct you show is Pro Mix by Mycorhizae. So IMO; It is basically the same thing. Yes! This is what you need for soil less growing in a tent. Cloth pots work great with ProMIx. My last 2 grows were using ProMix only, and a satand alone nutrient.*

I did a side by side using Foxfarm GROW BIGG BLOOM Tiger Bloom, A Botanicare grow, PBP grow, CNS17 bloom, CNS17 ripe, along with my new favorite nutrient. Flower Power from ILGM.

That will fill a lot of pots my friend. I love it and use it for vegetable growing to. Peace, lw :slight_smile:


I may have to give it a shot for my next grow. I’ve been using sunshine #4 on my first 2 grows and seems to work pretty well. Chances are we won’t have any of the pro mix left when I get around to my next grow (I grow in the winter months and take the summer off) since this is a seasonal item for our store we most likely won’t have any come the winter

I’ve been using Vermicrop organics nutrient line for my first 2 grows and have had good luck. (Apparently vermicrop is a sister company to general hydroponics) the nutes I use are a dry fertilizer that you apply to the medium. I water it in with PH balanced water and some cal-mag along with some photosynthesis plus to boost the microbe life in the soil to help break down the dry fertilizers. The reason I went with vermicrop was because they are organic so pretty much my entire grow is organic except for the cal mag.
My next grow I was thinking of trying the wet fertilizers from advanced nutes or fox farm to see if I notice a difference.

Thanks for the info on the promix!!

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@latewood which flower power nutrients have you tried? Also are they wet nutes or dry?

@Jmesser80 the flower power nutes are on the ilgm seed site…i believe they are dry,to be mixed with water… fyi

I have used and do on occasion use this same promix HP blend it is also most common sold in local hydro stores aside from sunshine mix #4 the only difference is it isn’t anti algae :wink:


Good info. Algae doesn’t sound like it would be a fun thing to have. I’ll most likely end up sticking to the sunshine mix#4. But would be nice to switch it up to try other mediums. Was actually thinking of maybe giving some bubble buckets a try but having everything to grow in soil already will probably hinder that notion.

It is no different than sunshine mix #4 30% pero 10% vermic with a very light starting charge light enough for seedlings and true soil less I had no issues growing in it besides price since only hydro stores stocked it :wink: I’t a very good MMJ soil if you plant to feed through bulk of plants life ph will naturally drop after about 2-3 months suiting flower ph level’s nicely :slight_smile:


I might take a trip up to our local grownshop and see what they offer for choices. I wont actually need any soil for a while, I’m finishing up my current grow and I don’t grow in the summer only the winter. Was thinking of trying some autos and putting them out side for the summer but haven’t found a location suitable. It isn’t legal in my state yet so I have to be discrete if I were to put some outdoors.


I used the starter pack which is powder. It dissolves immediately. I am not easily impressed, but I am going to use Flower Power for all my future grows. I might do a side by side occasionally for proof.

I jsut did a 3 way side by side and Flower Power beat Botanicare fairly, and blew Foxfarm away.

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p,s, You do not have to but and pay shipping for water weight with Flower Power! :slight_smile:

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Donaldj is spot on. They are all th same, basically.

Anti algae is irrelevant unless toy are outside and even then I am not sure it is necessary applied to MMJ

Do not be scared of Algae. Algae if allowed to over run a plants surface can rov the plant of Oxygen. On the other hand, and through my experiments and experience; Algae has never [resented a problem for me ever! Even in bubblers; It is not a big deal. As long as you are doing fresh nutrients and attempting to keep light off your medium (not necessary, when plant canopy becomes vigorous), You will not have algae issues.

In the end; Algae will be much more prevalent “Outdoors”, then, “In”.


@latewood How many grows did you get out of the starter pack?

Algae is far less of an issue in soil than hydro since the soil will dry on the top between watering it may be an issue in a hot house (green house) where humidity stays high but won’t actually get into root system. BX is the better of the 2 but HP M is still and excellent medium good drainage and Mykco is a plus

Out of the starter pack of Flower Power; I got 2 plants that were flowered for approx 11 weeks. This was a Gold Leaf, and an OGKush.

I had plenty of start and grow for my next grow to start, I ordered more bloom and booster. I ordered thew kilo of bloom, because I was extremely happy with the products ease of use and results. I also think I will not have to reorder bloom for a long time; Many many grows.

If you want to grow more plants…say 4; Buy 2 starter packs. Same with Autos. You might get 3-4 autos out of a starter pack due to having a month less finish time.

Last; If you can afford; Spend the bucks on the big packages to start with, and you will be set for over a year depending on how many plants you grow. Maybe 2 years, and what makes poeder better than water based concentrates; It does not go bad in the foil pouches, like a water based nutrient does after a year or so. :slight_smile:


I only do 1 grow a year which consists of 5 plants or so. I’ll probably just get the larger packages and give it a shot.

Thanks for the info👍