Pro-mix premium all purpose mix

Thanks glad to be here I haven’t grown anything for 25+ years I had to leave work over a year ago so I get bored so I need something to keep my mind off things so a friend of mine told me about this group on Facebook were it’s a autoflower group and everyone is pretty cool and we exchange information and tips and learn from one another and different stuff

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I took these 2 soils and mixed them together but it drugs out to fast and when it dry it looks like real fine chipped up mulch

I guess it depends on the location purchase, the link provided states:

  • *Controlled release fertilizer provides nutrients for up to 9 months (Canada only)
  • **Starter fertilizer (USA only)

Not sure what starter fertilizer its using? I’ve been using it for last 4-5 grows without any issues, I would actually recommend it.

I’ve been putting distilled water in a red cup and then just a splash of Hydrogen Peroxide. When the seed sinks is when I transfer to the paper towel. Usually a day or two. I don’t know if this website will allow referring to another website or not. Most everything I learned how to do is from 5 part How to grow series. Very informative. ProMix is kinda like hydroponics only using peat moss for a medium. To answer your ??? directly, No I don’t think ProMix is good enough for entire grow. Maybe some others can help.

I always use PROMIX premium potting soil for my ladies, I also use nutes about a month or 2 after seedling stage and have never had any issues other than mybpkanys getting too fucking big. Just make sure you’re checking the PH of water. But yeah, this stuff works great if you use nutes or not. I’ve tried a few different kinds of soils and mixes and promix premium is always my go to now.

As others have mentioned the time release could be a problem but try it and find out. I use an organic planting mix from my nursery and add 30% perlite by volume. Example use a 5 gallon bucket which = 20 quarts (22 liters). I try to do this gently not to pack the soil. Then I add 30% perlite which is 6 quarts or 6.6 liters of perlite. Then I use Fox Farms Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger bloom through my growing period.

I plan on adding my own compost to the old soil after each planting.