Pro Mix or Peat Moss

Hello Fellow Growmies!!!

Just wondering if anyone has ever used any of the Pro Mix or Peat Moss? Right now I’m using Bio365 and Bio Bloom nutrient. Trying to get away from adding any nutrients at all. Anyone just water till harvest and what are you using?

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Peat moss doesn’t have a lot nutrients in it or enough to last a whole grow cycle I would look into super soils that being said promix is good stuff using it now with grow dots and recharge one of the easiest grows I’ve ever had

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I wouldn’t use pure peat for a cannabis grow. Peat has 2 disadvantages. It retains moisture (cannabis needs wet/dry cycles,) and peat becomes acidic as it decays.

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im using the Pro -Mix right now, my issue is to much water retention. I started 2 new SS Fem in FF Cultivation Nation 70%/30% Coco Perlite, awesome Drains nice and has a Ph 5.8-6.4