Pro-Mix HP when to water and how much

I just transplanted my Gorilla Glue from compost and manure to Pro-Mix HP was told to give them a good soaking so Put 1 gallon on them and it soaked up the whole gallon none out the bottom of the bucket and man are these things soaked I’m worried when I was using compost and manure I could pour in 1 quart of water and most of it run out the bottom Got many 1 inch holes in the bottom of the bucket so it can drain
My question is how often should I water and how often

brain fart how much water

As long as the soil is not sopping wet…should be fine. Check wetness with a 3" of finger. Water when drier. But not bone dry. Watch the leaves before and after you water…easy to see the leaves perk up and get hydrated. Too much water…yellowing leaves. Not enough…leaves whither. Btw…if drain holes are on the very bottom, they could be clogged up. Raise a little to allow max drainage and easier to gauge the draining speed.

thank you got it

pro mix is good but needs to be added with mediums like you are doing -each plant is different GG can be a good feeder — water really good and let dry to see the plants water use (let it dry for 3-4 days and then check)

I’m still a rookie but…
I use promix bx which is about the same. Inside and outside.
I add more perlite to it.
My outdoor group is in 7 gal cloth pots. Depending on the weather they get water from every day to 2-4 days. I lift the pots to check weight if heavy no water. If very light time to water
Indoors the same.