Pro mix BX questions

Okay I’ve done a little research for my next grow I’d like to use pro mix BX how do it treat it as soil with no nutrients added and give everything my plants need myself or am I miss understanding it please help

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I myself haven’t used it , but Mr. Latewood does recommend’s the Pro Mix BX.
But I can’t say what to add if anything. I plain on switching to the BX on my next grow and Into need information. So I did an invite to Mr. Latewood. It’s the weekend so we may not here from him until Monday or he could jump in at anytime.
I did a little searching and came up with this.

1.). And extra perlite and/or vermiculite is always good. Better aeration, better drainage, it holds your nutes in kind of a time release design.

2.). . I add extra perlite, dolomite lime and Worm Castings.
However you can use it just fine without adding anything to it

3.). I use the Pro mix straight out of the bag and I add a bottle of Osmocote, a bag of bat guano, and mix it all well in two clean garbage cans and plant in it. The Osmokote is slow release and non burning and I dont fertilize any more during veg. I start adding nutes for flower only and have some real nice grows. I use this mix indoors and outdoors .

Well I hope this helps and I’m sure Mr. LatewooD will add on

B Safe


That is info I’m writing down because I’m four days into the two week stretch and I’m planning next grow thank you.

Question from fellow grower
3x3 tent
400 watt digital ballast
Cheap bulb… I run short of cash haha…
12/12 cycle lights
Fox farms nutrients
RO water
Temp high 86 only when AC cycles then says 74-82
Temp lights off low 72-75
Humidity 25-43

Sorry for the info over load lol

Here is the question other then duct fan that I’m getting next week how does this setup sound can it work for me

If you are growing in secret you will need a filter.

Take care.


That next payday maybe six inch duct fan with carbon filter vent to ceiling use Hole saw an save plug to replace when time comes I’m legally able to grow six plants in my state but more or less don’t want to let everyone know right?
Duct fan would really help get my temp under control as well


Top fan exhaust fan
Bottom intake fan
Low technology but 84 degrees

Biggest issue removing hot air but payday will vent to attic should help would love 79 degrees all day

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It takes time to tune everything in. I can’t wait till it is made legal here as well. I vent the hot air in the same way.

Take care.


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Thank man happy growing

Did a little playing around with my fans and got 79-81 AC set at 70 degrees
Humidity 28-35 RH

If I can keep it like this ill be fine till duct fans installed

With a scrog grow I find it easier to control the temp with one fan under and the other over the scrog net. Your plant looking good.

Take care.


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Hi Will, I hope I find you well?. Which type of Osmocote are you using is it the start 12+11+17+2mgo+te ?. and which type of Bat Guano is it?. Glad to see your up and running again. Don’t drop it in water next time lol.

Take care.


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Using ProMix BX:

I add some perlite. It does not need any added lime as it comes with Lime mixed in. It does not need any extra Vermiculite.

This is a professional medium. It is not generally recommended for full grows in regards to garden plants but, due to the short life cycle of Cannabis; You can use this medium successfully. It does not need to be amended in any way other than adding 15-20% more perlite. No need to modify a perfect product!

If you plan on attempting a grow with only ProMix BX; I advise that you plan to be vigilant in tending to your plants. Getting a handle on how to schedule watering in a challenge.

So; If people really read what I said to do with Promix you would know that I recommend mixing it with Sterile dirt once potting your seedlings; Or mixing it with a good organic soil.

I do like the idea of worm castings, and I am actually going to do a grow this summer wiht ProMIx, Organic soil and a blend of worm castings. I heard it will make a sweeeet smoke. :smiley:


Thank you my grow has about 6-8 weeks left ordering seed Thursday for next grow thinking white widow autos any thoughts this next grow will be my second
Picture is of my current grow gorilla glue 11 days into stretch

Question Scrog or LST for auto flower I think they both have strength and weakness what would you do

I would simply and gently train them down and out of the way.

The WW autos do pretty well. I am now doing some Super Skunk Autos. Robert’s fav auto flower.

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Sorry to jump in here guys, but I’m fixing to also switch from hydro, to a Pro Mix BX with some Perlite, type grow.

I’m hoping it will make it easier.
So far hydro is giving me problems, and I’m tired of waiting. lol

I’m going to try transplanting an auto Blueberry, and I’ll be starting a new auto white widow as well.

Could @Latewood maybe drop some links to his journals of the autos with this type soil mix?

Anyone else got links to grows, I’d love to read as well.

I fill my time until I get a harvest reading about other grows. lol

I do not grow autos in ProMix. Sorry. I grow autos in hydro to get more yield. I don’t understand…12 years ago I started growing MJ and I began with DWC bubblers. I still use them today. I have never had continuous issues.

Each method you attempt is going to present issues. Keep that in mind. It is highly recommended to learn and master one method at a time. Happy growing. lw

If you haven’t bought the soil yet I recommend Fox Farm ocean Forest because I don’t add anything but pH’ed water for almost a month because the soil was so rich and growth was thick and lush

My first grow is looking great but I used miracle grow organic potting soil been reading alot and think fox farm happy frog or ocean forest is where I’ll land this is my girl about to start flush in a week Uploading…