Pro mix bx nute ph?

Hi guys I’m running 4 clones and 3 seed plants. Mars hydro tsw3000 in pro mix bx 5 gal. pots. What’s a good ph range should i ph my nutes? I’m trying to learn my self how to check runoff and checking ph of run off to optimize my grow. I grew some really good bud last run not ph ing but don’t want to deal with deficiencies i know i could get better results. People say ph nutes at 6.3 I’ve heard 6.3 to 6.5 and heard treat it like soil . I’ve heard 5.5- 6.2 can someone elaborate to me I’m so sorry and know I’m confusing boy can’t afford dispensary prices. Much Love Guys Mad Respect!

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I run ProMix HP. I pH to 6.2. This seems to be the sweet spot for ProMix. However, a few weeks into flower, I do pH to 6.5 occasionally. This seems to help with some bloom nutes. But basically, 6.2 is the sweet spot.


Thank you sir I’m in veg and mine seem 6.3 sweet spot but i heard the don’t like the same ph ask the time. ( just what i heard) so basically you wanna honey around 6.2 veg. And every now and then up to 6.5?

I know they were out of hp and said they didn’t know when they could hey it so bought bx and next day found it after transplant… Go figure. Look it’s all good I’m playing the hand i was delt…

Yeah. I keep my ph at 6.2. I’m using Jacks 321 formula as my nutes. I feed every time I water. I have 5 gallon fabric pots, and right now my girls are sucking it down. Feeding 1-2 gallons every other day. If I remember, I will bump the ph up to 6.5 about every 4th feed. In veg,I always keep it at 6.2. By the way, if u add extra perlite to that bx, it basically becomes HP.

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Sin awesome ty sir i did add it. Just not enough i think.