Pro co2 bucket?


so I’m slowly building a grow tent with the best equipment I can afford.
growers all know yeast and sugar create co2 and co2 mixed with light creates very productive, happy, and healthy plants. ultimately increasing the yield. what I’m wondering is if anyone has used the pro co2 buckets and what were the results?
I’m building a 4x4 grow space and wanted to know what ppl thought was the best method to add co2 to the atmosphere?
I am inexperienced with co2 and wanted to know people’s opinions.
I’m using a quantum board, 4x4 grow tent and 8’’ ac infinity T8 inline duct fan venting the stink right out the window.

Any tips would be really appreciated.


I see @Hellraiser typing, and im betting we agree. I’m thinking you won’t need co2

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You’d be venting the co2 out as well.

Most veteran growers will tell you not to bother with co2 unless you can do it right. If you’re exhausting out the window, you’re not doing it right.

Most people don’t even have enough light to take advantage of co2 enhancement. If you don’t have very high levels of light, there’s no point. Without a sealed room to contain the co2 in high concentrations, there’s no point. Better to just run a lot of fresh air thru your tent.


im using a sf4000 but never thought about containing it and cutting out the ventilation.
its a small space. 4x4 so I dont think the amount of light is a problem… @Hellraiser

Got to go with a sealed environment for co2 and if you’re gonna do all that, you go with a tank and regulator to have complete control over your co2 levels, not a bucket with sugar and yeast.

i was inquiring about pro co2
i bought a tent for a reason…
i wasnt even gonna run a charcoal filter at first cause i run the vents to a window but ill run a filter outside the tent and open both vent holes and run fresh air with a oversize inline fan.
no. you dont need co2 but ppl that want the best results all use co2.
i know the theory i just havent finished the project yet so my results wont be in til next year.


That’s not true.

It has been studied and reported multiple times with similar results. Amount of co2 plants require is directly correlated by ppfd average of the space. If you can maintain minimum air exchange, you won’t see diminishing returns until you exceed a ppfd average of around 800 umols per second. If you have less light than that, additional co2 is merely excess and won’t be used. It’s definitely not something that more is better, just extra.

If you want to run co2, get two sf 4000’s and get to where you can maintain 1000+ppm of co2. That is where it’s proven to be effective.

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i plan on getting 1 pro co2 xl bucket and hanging it from the top of the tent thru veg and bloom.

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Good luck with it then.