Privacy Fence/Enclosure

Use diffuse greenhouse poly… cant really see through it all that well

of course of your dope is sticking out of your greenhouse its kinda obvious lol


High 60s today with a little bit of rain. We get most of our rain in July, August and September. Right now things are starting to turn green. The wild grass around here turns brown in the winter and green in the summer. We average 16" of rain and 13" of snow annually.

Which greenhouse did you get?

I got mine from Tractor Supply it’s kind of flimsy but I reinforced it quite a bit. The instructions were vague at best most of the diagrams were useless. I just got down to the last roof panel and it’s missing. A couple weeks ago the wind blew a bunch of panels into the neighbors yard I thought I found everything but I was wrong. It could be a half mile away by now.

Unfortunately I didn’t get one. I had to buy a car instead. Story of my life lol. But thanks everyone for the input. I still have to do some sort of fence. Keep the ideas coming I suppose.

You could go to Home Depot or a hardware store and buy some wood and make your own enclosure, just build it near or close enough to a outside circuit if you have one if you wanted to run some bigger fans if it’s dry where you are. I was debating setting electric up in my shed and having them go in there for awhile lol