Primus’s First Grow

I’m using this grow as a practice run.

  • What strain: bag seed/unknown
  • Method: Organic soil/jiffy seed starter
  • Vessels: Jiffy pellet
  • PH of Water: 5.6 - 5.8
  • PPM/TDS; not feeding yet
  • Indoor in closet
  • Light system: 100 watt cfl 6500k 5” above
  • Temps; Day 75/81 Night: 69/71F
  • Humidity; Day 47 - 52% Night: 42 - 47
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 8” fan
  • AC,
  • Co2; No

Soaked in water and peroxide for 18 hours.
Popped after only 10 hrs in paper towel
Put in jiffy pellet 8/18 @ 1914
8//22 @ 0756 just poking her head out of soil. Started 18/6 light cycle with light 4” above
8/28 roots already growing out of bottom of pellet. Transplanted to 4” jiffy pot
8/29 she is now 8 days old and the picture I posted is what she looks like now.
Will start her on nutes around the 31st


Ph of water should be a little higher 6-6.8 and 6.5 being optimal. Are you growing a single plant? And I wouldnt start nutes until you see yellowing of the Cotyledon (small first leaf)


Single plant.
I was told to ph between 5.5 and 6.5 with 5.5 being optimal. I will go back and double check my info. Thank you.

I would do more than one plant especially being bag seed no telling if it is female or male

@Dushin91…the 1 seed is all I had left and a friend gave them to me. Guess I lucked out getting it to 8 days. Right now the 1 seed is good enough for me to play around with.
I double checked my notes from that guy on ph lvls…and he did say 5.5 to 6.5. If you think I need to bump it up then I will. Also double checked his info on nutes and he said first 10 days just ph water. He does “mis speak” a lot in his vids.
I’m growing in my closet not a tent as I want to get comfy with this b4 spending major money

Well i wish you luck.


Hello @primus and welcome to ILGM! You are off to an excellent start. The little lady (we all hope :crossed_fingers:t5:) looks good. And for a practice run bagseed is always fun. One will be fine. This grow is all about not killing the little lass.

Now lets get to the fun parts :smiling_imp::joy:. As @Dushin91 stated 6.3-6.8 is optimum range for growing pot in soil. If ur using peat all grow you can go 5.8-6.5 (@Myfriendis410 do i have that right? U play dirt growers…)

The 100w CFL. Is it 100w or 100w replacement? Id wager replacement @ that 5 inches from top ans she’s not cooked. If you can, could u check the box or bulb for actual watts? Either case to get through flower, you’re gonna need more juice. Not to be discouraging. Just want to see you be successful.

Speaking of juice. Do you have a plan for nutrients? If not… id HIGHLY recommend Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil for the next transplant up. It has everything a plant needs nutrient wise through the vegetative stage.

All that aside. You’re doing great and best of luck with your first grow.


@PurpNGold74…yes it’s a 100w replacement. Actual watts 23 and it’s 1600 lumens. My cheap light meter say it’s 900 at plant lvl…further away number gets smaller and closer it gets higher.
For nutes I was planning on using general hyponics. @Dushin91suggested I wait until those 1st little leaves turn yellow.
Yes for final tp I was planning on ffof into a 3 gal fiber pot.
Was planning on ordering a viparspectra 600w led next payday. But after doing some reading I decided to hold off and check out some cobs or QB’s.
And thank you for the tips


Good call on all of the above. And gotcha set to watching. Any questions feelfree to tag me.

Hey there @primus
When you do transplant you may consider removing that peat pot its in. Sometimes they do not breakdown quickly enough like they say and you get a small rootbound plant. Most here avoid those.
And…Did you remove the netting from the peat pellet?

Just fyi


Peat is the same as soil: 6.3 to 6.8 and coco 5.3 to 5.8. That said I PH everything to 6.0.


Welcome @primus
If you are growing with roots organics then he is right. More coco and passive hydro your pH is a little lower. Happy Growin !

No I didn’t remove netting…it is scored along 2 sides. B4 putting in pot I checked roots…2 big one through the bottom of pellet and the sides had so many smaller roots poking out it looked like a porcupine…lol

I will remember to remove the pot b4 next to. And thanks for the tips

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Thanks for the info

Planning and researching lights. Got confused as heck. I thought about the viparspectra 600…but after reading threads about lights I decided to check out COBS and QB’s. That’s when I got lost.
I’m on a fixed income so $300 is about all I can budget for lights. Currently growing in closet. But planning on a 4x4x82 tent in the near future. So…

  1. need lighting solution that will work in both situations. If easier don’t need all tech info. Just point me in the right direction…full spectrum etc.
  2. only planning on 2 maybe 3 plants at a time. In California I can have 6 mature plants.
  3. I am on a fixed income so I need to stay below $300.
    And lastly thank you guys for all the good info so far

Dang… we are in the middle of this on @rickserena theead. Ill tag u over therw. And keep the convo rolling… or would u rather keep the convo on ur thread for quick pull up?

@PurpNGold74…only easier to link me

Hey I don’t mind having more people on the conversation! The more the merrier and I’m always up for learning!!!

Thanks. 2 birds one stone typa deal. I tag DB alot. This helps :joy:

UPDATE: 8/30/19 @ 2216 first drink of 6.5 ph water. She is really sensitive about light and wind. Just the short time she was out of direct light and wind for watering she started to droop.
Also 3rd set of leaves have formed. But 1 is bigger than other 1 so I rotated pot 1/4 turn and lowered light to 4 inches.
Should I be concerned that she is only half an inch tall and leave sets are almost on top of each other?

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