Pride lands soil. Anyone know anything about this stuff?

Does anyone k ow anything good or bad about this stuff? Also should i mix it with pro mix? Seems to have alot of good stuff in it. Ive used it before but as soon as i added nutes at week 5 it was to much for the plant. Any thoughts? First time grower just trying to find the medium that works for me.

It looks like a decent soil, but you really want a soil that is pH buffered for cannabis. I don’t know if this soil is that or not. If mixing it, be sure to not include coco in your mix. Coco and soil grows are managed very differently.

Ok cool thanks for the reply. What about just using promix? Never used it before but i hear good things. Btw this pride lands has coco in it already does that make a difference?

Coco is a different animal. A soil grower needs to let the soil dry out between waterings for the roots to uptake oxygen. Coco becomes hydrophobic if it is left to dry out. Coco needs to be watered daily to keep the environment proper. Coco is essentially a hydro grow where the pH needs to be maintained around 5.8 where soil grows need to have a pH of 6.5.

All that said, we’ve seen growers here have success with the Pride Lands soil.

And here i thought this was the best for growing lol thats for the info. And suggestions on soil?

@Smiley1 Fox farm ocean is great.


Seems to have all the same stuff the pride lands has that im using. Its pretty pricey do you mix it? Or just go 100% FF?