Preventing smell

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question I live in a complex an theres always nosy people an im growing a 2 foot by 2 foot box an I need some ideas to from smelling with out anything sticking out the box right now it lookslike a stand an id like to keep it that way an I need a cheap way to filter the air or something there really small still but im just thinking ahead so I dont have to worry about it later on

Try air freshener.

B Safe

I’ve heard using a carbon filter (a.h.a. scrubber) can be helpful but I’m not sure if you’d have access to installation in an apartment building. I’ve also heard ozone generators described as useful I’ve also read this can be harmful to your breathing. Another person I talked to once said he was applying Ona Gel to the perimeter of the box where he was keeping his plants. I don’t have any personal experience to contribute but hope one of these options at least guides you in the right direction.

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All the above options are good ideas.

Ionizers, aka ozone generators work great, but too much and it is not good for human or animal breathing. However many household air filter/fresheners do use the technology. The fan-less “Ionic breeze Quadra”, the Dyson fan-less desk fan, and other ionic air fresheners are making a little bit of ozone and this ozone is a contributor to the “air freshening” affect that these units depend on.

Ona Gel is amazing stuff and many people swear by it.

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long term a exhaust fan ran threw a good filter out grow jasmine or other flavors

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I have a 8x12x10 enclosed room in a shop, exhaust fan ducted outside, smelled like skunks everywhere!! Installed carbon filter from Amazon, about $65., to exhaust fan and ducted inside shop, , and nothing!!! I have to go inside grow room to enjoy :slight_smile:

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Good old, “Old School”, Carbon filters all the way


yep carbon filters set up right ,iv’e never worried since .

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I am new to this and this site. I can’t find where I can ask the questions, only how to respond so sorry if this is off topic but I keep reading about Ona, to keep the smell down . I googled it and all I find is a team. What is it and where do I find it!??

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