Pretty sure these are all males but worth a check

This only my second grow and seeds were free. When I needs more I’ll go feminized seeds or autos. Last year I grew 5 ice got 22 oz about . Out of 6 with this year I’m hoping for 32 oz.


That shouldn’t be said with certainty.

Edit: Pictures of #7 are out of focus, and #3 is still a question mark.

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Picture of plant 7
I’ll wait on 3 like u suggested.

Unfortunately number 3 was a boy found some grouping of balls.


See the little stem… that separates the male from the female. Thats a boy flower.
For most, boys are bad… for me boys are good… depends if you wish to pollenate your females or not. It isnt that hard to segregate. Each male can be assigned its own female flower and seed with different characteristics can be had.

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