Pretty sure Stretching?

Unwritten pic this morning just added second led before pic was taken! Total novice been having lots of trouble; have them in ffhf, ffof, perilite mix planning put 2 5gal fiber bags other 3 in 3gal fiber bags? Temp 70 humidity 65-70 18-6 light


They’re lookin for more light for sure. You’ll need to measure the output of your lights and adjust accordingly. I use Photone app on my apple product.


Drop the lights sir.


As free and Jay suggest, they are starving for light. This may help:


Community has you covered drop the light an backfill soil up on the Stretching stem’s.
Happy growing :v:


IMO, little wind will help, motivate seedling stalk development.
Also, more soil (bury up to cotyledons) especially during re-plant exercise.
Bags, good. 3gal, I use. 10 gal for outdoors.
PH meter at 3 weeks for sure.


What I was thinking just making sure before I killem; thank you all for the advice


Would it be ok to drop them in final fabric bag now should I wait node or 2 & are those lobed leaves first true leaves or next set?

Just full those cups up for now as high up the stem as you can get and give them some more light, they’re extremely fragile right now. Give ‘‘em a bit more time


Lower your lights and use the Photone or Tent Buddy apps. Have fun.

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i had a similar problem on mine with some new BLRP lights that gave recommendations that were WAY off. Had to cut the distance in half.
They were leggy and I was worried I’d have to brace them. I think having the oscillating fan on a low setting 24/7 kept them strong enough to eventually work out of the leggy phase.

After about 2 weeks of veg, I decided to bite the bullet and buy AC Infinity LED panels. They’re great.
After another 2 weeks of Veg, the smell was so strong, I had to finish the grow area with some tents and filters.

They’re doing great now. In Week 6 of Flower.
My plants stress me out much more than I’ve ever stressed them out.
Learning to grow has been incredibly fun.


Lights are key! I just purchased a green beams GB240 and I can’t wait for it to arrive. Best bang for Buck in my opinion Samsung lm301h diodes HLG driver, fabulous light for under $180. I just caught their holiday sale and got it for $159 plus $17 shipping. I grow in a 2x4 space and it’ll be perfect for that. Woot woot

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I added another light seem to be doing fine. I’ve been using ro water, should I add cal mag even though in ffof + ffhf mix

2 out of the 5 stem starting turn purplish red seems another may be on way turn

Another week or 2 transplant? Broke soil Xmas day