Pressure cooker curing

We have a pressure cooker, I think it was my nans, so won’t be missed by the wife, that’s never used it. .

Ive never used one, but I’d guess it was air tight. If so wouldnt an old PCr work well for curing larger amounts than a few half full mason jars. Which are expensive over here for one that actually seal.

I was thinking of drying it down to 55/65% then chucking in with a 62RH pack, and burpimg from there.

Being sealed and light proof, I’d of thought this would make a decent getto CVault curing thingymagig.

It was just a thought.


Don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You probably won’t want to dry down as low as 55% though before curing. You can dry in 55% environment, just watch for the smaller stems to start snapping.


Sounds like it should work, let me no if it does.


@TheDuke Just seal the vent pressure hole :wink::relaxed: It should do the job :+1:

Just watch your curing to not develop bud rot… That’s the main reason for smaller container, question to not put your “eggs in the same basket” :wink::relaxed:


I have no huge harvests on the horizon, more of an idea for if thst day ever comes.

Cheers guys.


I’m with the boys and sontvsee why it wouldn’t work
You could cure in plastic buckets if you wanted to so so why not try it I will suggest mixing the bud to get buds on bottom to top but other than that I think it’s a good idea ? Let us know how you make out :+1: :v:CB

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