Pressing with hog


OK then, does anyone have an untested, preliminary BOM that would get a person pointed in the correct direction?
@dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Budbrother @North_East_Newbie

I can see myself burning time I don’t have doing work that has been done by others.


Check YouTube. I’m sure someone has, but I would apply electrical background to what they’re using, just to verify it makes sense.


I bought a pre-made set @merlin44
But you can buy an H or A frame for a press from Harbor Freight like this
Probable get heated press plates from amazon or ebay like this



thanks guys. this gives me a great starting point as i had not heard of pressing until i saw this thread. @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @North_East_Newbie


You should thank Hog and CB. I’m just the jealous bystander lol. Definitely keep us posted if you move forward.


Do be a bystander @dbrn32 jump on in to the wonderful world of pressing
@merlin44 @North_East_Newbie has you covered with a starting point woohoo


My bad, lost track of the thread…well “Duh!” “Pressing with Hog” should be enough to keep me on track.

A big THANK YOU to @Hogmaster, I would not even be considering this if it weren’t for him.


Harbor freight has some cheap bearing presses as well that would work out @merlin44


Excellent info. How much pressure is needed? Also, are the temperatures listed F or C.

There is a Harbor Freight in the neighboring town, may pop over for a look-see. THX


Temps are f
Pressure needed I would go with min 3-5 ton press that will be plenty for a home user

The one that @Hogmaster is showing runs in the 399$ range FYI for the dab press set up he just got


I am very happy with my results.
Where in NY are you from? I’m about an hour west of Albany.


Hand pump good for 10,000psi


Here is electric model.

I don’t believe I’ve ever had it over 10,000 psi but I cranked relief valve and dead headed it to 14,000 briefly. Best I can tell that model runs about $5,500. Looks like smaller pump will do similar pressures at about half flow rate for around $2500. I’m sure there are less expensive models too. Those particular units are 10 years old and get beat on regularly.




Ya lol. For those times you need a little bigger hammer.


Came home to a Harbor Freight Coupon:
Hope you can use it!


That’s some serious press. Def gonna get it all with that. :grin::+1:


Well, I am scraping the bottom of my rosin vial so it’s decision time.
So many things on the lists
love that you love this press @Hogmaster and I am so damn impulsive…
grown awfully fond of the storm pen and rosin treats!! I know I would love experimenting with temps etc to get the tastiest results.

So only your top plate heats up correct HM? Any benefits to having both plates heat up?


@Screwauger O yeah it makes it a even press sorry all I’ve been making hash balls