Pressing with hog


I was just wondering @Drhomegrown
As long as your getting good results
Woohoo @North_East_Newbie welcome to the press club man


The one I have sitting in my shop is ran from portable enerpac unit. 10,000 psi lol. I can grab you some part numbers off it if you’d like?


Nice def get me some numbers maybe I’ll build my own hydraulic press @dbrn32 and that was supposed to say don’t I’m editing now lmao


Yes, @dbrn32, I am increasingly interested in building a press. I don’t know enough about the final product to start planning a press. Would be nice to have rough idea if what it takes to build one.


@Budbrother that’s exactly the same unit same case and everything I’m sure it will work fine brother woohoo


I’ll be back at shop sometime after lunch. I’ll grab numbers and a pic or two.

I know one of the melonheads there blew seals right out of factory cylinder on press haha.


Very cool bro talk soon @dbrn32


@dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971
Do the press platens need to be heated (if so, how hot)? Or is it a cold press?


These guys better off answering. That said, yes I believe more heat better to a point.


Are the platens heated by electrical elements or hot air?


Yes you want heat depending on strains and weather your pressing kief or flower


Elements with rtd and pid controller. I already know where you’re going, stuff is readily available on Amazon lol


Probably made at the same factory with a lesser 1200mah battery that’s easily replaced.


I personally press my kief in the 125-135 range normally
The higher the heat you’ll change the flavor and terpene profiles

Flower I press in the 160-180 range


I agree with @dbrn32 you can find everything you need to build your on amazon or eBay @merlin44


Prob the same battery too @Budbrother


Has anyone put a Bill of Materials (BOM) together for one of these?

It would save me reinventing this wheel LOL
@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @Budbrother @North_East_Newbie


Not that I have built and can verify works. Sorry.


:arrow_up: What Rob said


I concur with the group @merlin44 have not built and tested one myself