Pressing with hog


Hand crank does 2000 psi. I doubt you’ll get that out of the other one. Only thing is you have to bolt it down to get max pressure.


I live in a state where it isn’t legal yet so I’m not going to post it. When we are legal, I’ll let you know. My wife has relatives in Plymouth. I love visiting.


I think something like what I have is worth saving up because you’ll never need anything else again


I live in NY and it’s going to be leagal here soon @Drhomegrown

How did you get the 2000psi number ?
Just curious cause there are hydraulic presses out there that dont get that type of pressure


Hey @North_East_Newbie what’s up buddy? How are you?

@Countryboyjvd1971 what’s happening ? Trying to improve is a good thing to stride for. I see your point about the hydraulic vs pneumatic and I could see being able to give it an extra squeeze would be good get that last drop out.


All good @Smokin_ernie hope you been well
If your going with one of the two you post go with the top one


There’s a product called wax liquidfier. You simply put a gram of wax into a shot glass heat in microwave for 30 sec add mixture (comes flavored of all types) suck into a blunt tip syringe and fill your cartridges. That’s what I do when I’m out of dispensary cartridges. The mixture can be as strong as you make it, less mixture more wax =really potent. I usually mix 1g with .08 mil of liquidizer and makes up about 2 mil of vape product. Or you could do like @crazyots and buy a closed loop extractor and make distillate and that’s a really good vape product as well.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31

Hey there @Smokin_ernie! Life is going well! Busy but happy :slightly_smiling_face:
Are you looking into a press too? I found the top pictured one on a site for $150, was about to pull the trigger, but they wanted too much $$$ for shipping (overseas).

So now I’m agreeing with @Hogmaster & eyeing a 10 ton press by Dabpress that I will never outgrow…
I’ve discovered pressing & become completely consumed with it this week (kind of how I stumbled upon growing & this website)

This is the next level of growing for me & a feel like a kid at Christmas again!

Thanks for the advise @Drhomegrown @Countryboyjvd1971

@Midwestnewbie I will try out Wax Liquidizer & see how cost effective it is for mass producing vape juice. :+1:


Hey @Smokin_ernie to be honest save the couple extra bucks and go with the hydraulic press like @Hogmaster said you’ll never need another one
Happy pressing folks


@North_East_Newbie you got what I be saying


Don’t want to be upgrading in a year or two


I was every year now not so much you will be Impressed pun intended


Can’t wait. It’s being delivered on Monday!


Here’s some Kosher Kush Rosin, prime, night time indica puffery.


I got the 2000psi off of the specification sheet that came with the press. Honestly, I have no way to measure the actual pressure.


I will be pressing some this week so will have some new updates


Packages are arriving for my press set-up.

I followed @Hogmaster advice and went with a Dabpress.
I’ve also bought Micron screen bags, RAW Parchment paper, dab tools & Teflon sheets.

For making vape juice I ordered:
Farm to Vape Mango
Wax Liquidizer pineapple & unflavored.

I found cartridges cheap on ebay for .5ml & 1ml sizes.
The feedback I’ve heard is order the ones with 510 threads, to minimize leaking.

I also found 2ml silicone containers to hold the wax

@Hogmaster, is there anything else you can think of that I need?

Like a kid a Christmas right now…


Hellz yay, I’ll celebrate this with you!!


With the 510 thread cartridges I would suggest ordering with ceramic wick instead of nylon as nylon tends to heat up too much and leave a foul taste. Only other thing I didn’t see was syringes and blunt tips for extraction for your vape. Unless it came in a kit with your farm to vape. Otherwise I’m jealous as hell as your set!


Thanks! That’s good advice! :+1:
I ordered a couple different types to see which ones had best results

My coworker suggested getting ones with large tips for an easier draw.