Pressing with hog


You can press fresh or cured flower
Or kief
Not sure I would smoke the flower once pressed but you can use it to make butter and oils for edibles if you’d like that what I do with mine and I believe @Hogmaster also uses his also for that
It’s like wax if pressed right you need a wax pen or dab rig when smoking Rosin

I use the kind pen storm rig same as the one Hogmaster posted a picture of earlier in the thread
I have a conventional rig as well but for convince you can’t beat the storm
You can also check out the dream pen on their web site I have both and they both work well


how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$??


I’ll find out how the knockoff works @BIGE


that too,as well as the press…lol can’t have one without the other…lol


I’ve gotta cut a corner somewhere to save for a press, and It’s not gonna be on the press ether :grin:


My Fire Fly 2 has a concentrate screen to pop in for concentrate, temp needs changing too.

@Hogmaster I pressed some Train Wreck, came out very nice and tasty ;=))


I will tell you what for how well this press works I wouldn’t buy anything else just a unbiased opinion


I have to try some I’m waiting for my pollen separator


The Ghost has a concentrate mesh and a special temperature setting. It is not clear to me what to put into it, that was why I was asking the questions.

Thanks, @Big123. I just started vaping a few weeks ago, so far just dry flower. I don’t even know most of the terminology yet.


Train :steam_locomotive:Wreck here…

a little extraneous material found it’s way on there, I put it in jar that used to have bud in it ;=))


What is that stuff called? Is it what comes out of the press, or is this something else?


Solvent free concentrate extract- Rosin - from heating and pressing buds.


What makes live resin? I’ve always wondered what that meant? @Big123


I believe that comes from pressing fresh frozen buds, don’t know for sure, I’m pressing dried, cured buds.


Press some kief @Big123 you will get a Ridiculous return


This all looks intriguing!
I have started to shop presses.
These two are on the top of my list due to pricing.
This one is a hand crank

This other one is manual (not sure how well it would work, but looks pretty solid)

Has anyone had experience with either or could direct me towards a preferred brand/type?

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster

I should also say I’m looking to get into this for the purpose of making vape juice in mass quantities, so hoping using wax is the best option for this too???


I have the top one with the hand crank. It works great. Got it for $258.00!on eBay. I’m only pressing for me. Rosin is too good to share. LOL. I also started making vape juice. Wasn’t bad but then I got a wax pen. Wow! I won’t be making juice anymore.


P.S. : I’m also from the north east.


Nice! Were you able to press hard on the flower with that? Does it hold the tightness or lock?
I am totally new to wax & have been spending most of this week reading all about presses (from my desk at work). I have many “friends” looking for vape pen juice/cartridges. so my end goal is to meet that local need :wink:. I will have to look into a wax pen for my personal use. Thanks for the suggestion.

With you being from the north east…I live on the south shore, south of Boston…


@Willd also has the top one and he’s mentioned he likes it

I have a pneumatic press I like it but I’m considering going hydraulic to get more pressure
Mine is limited to around 600 psi at plates
It does well but I’m always looking to improve results as your aware @Smokin_ernie

I see @Drhomegrown has the same one also woohoo pressing is the best
only draw back I’ve had is not being able to grow the flower fast enough hahahaha