Pressing with hog



Hits really nice wooo still Coughing


Now I’ve got to get one of those pens.


Comes in a cool case


I 1000% recommended Hogmaster approved!!!


Very Kool indeed @Hogmaster. :+1:
Peace for now. :v:


Okay then you’ve got my attention. I’m sure it depends on the weed and how well it has been took care of but I’m guessing it’s worth extracting a bag of weed compared to smoking a bag. I guess what I’m getting at is will it last as long as just say smoking it. I go through 1/2oz in a month just one hitting the crap out of it. Not much but if pressing will make it stretch a little further? I’m still saving up to get my set up can’t wait. While I wait I read read read everyone’s posts and comments. Love it. Thanks @Hogmaster for the response.


@DCA I’ll tell you what a little bit of this stuff goes a long ways


Ok thank you sir. Much appreciated.


I’ve only pressed one type of bud, harvested same day, early harvest window, it’s a very energetic high - easy to go running after vaporizing it - and I’ve noticed when vaporizing dried flower a couple hours later it really intensifies their effect ;=))

I’m looking forward to pressing more types, working my way up to it. Thank you @Hogmaster for helping bring some variety to my medicating regimen.


My pleasure buddy I love helping people I will be two years pharmaceutical free in April


That’s pretty sweet! I know those extraction units are awfully expensive too.


That they can be for sure


Now I want a dab press


Hell yeah Hog! :fist::wink::v::bear:


Can you do a video of it in motion? Looks cool buddy. lol


Dude that thing looks like it works great
I might be in the market for a new press now
:exploding_head: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :exploding_head: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Dam you @Hogmaster
Woohoo looking good buddy


I just picked up the Kandypens Gravity yesterday. Pressed some concentrate. OMG! The flavor was unbelievable. Used ILGM Gold Leaf.


@Hogmaster did the pollen seperator show up yet ?
Your going to love that little machine man woohoo can’t wait for you to try that and then press the kief in your new press


@Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 is the material that comes out of these presses suitable for use in a convection vape such as the Ghost MV1? Also, are you pressing dried and cured buds or freshly cut buds?
What is the consistency of the extract?
This whole process and concept is new to me.

Anyone else…?