Pressing with hog


When you getting the new press ? @Hogmaster


Hopefully Wednesday


Thank you :blush:


Everyone omg I love this press I have only pressed 1 puck of power plant and got a 32% return on it @Dabpress @Big123 @Countryboyjvd1971 @basementstealth @Slim420 @HJL @BIGE @Willd @GFDuke @Familyman @dbrn32 @MattyBear here come the pictures way more to come



It has the best option of laying it back and doing a drip Dabpress really stepped it up on this one Especially for the price


I’m so jealous right now! I want and need a press ASAP!!!


That looks dope! 32% sounds really good, what are typical yields from running extraction?


Okay here is the stupid question of the day!!! What exactly is it that you are pressing out of it? And how do you use or applicate what your getting? All I know about weed is smoke, vapeorize. I know hash is made from weed, that’s about it. Oh and cooking with it.


Its oil being pressed from the cannabis, commonly referred to as dabs. Its potent concentrate used by smoking on a dab rig similar to a bong but instead of a bowl its a heated nail


O/K. Thats friggin kool. I’m drooling. :grin:
182 / 210 are temps ? Sorry. New to me too. Really like the press. :+1::v:


@DCA It’s called rosin what comes out one hit is like smoking a whole joint in one hit very potent great for pain and you can use many different things to smoke it with I use a kind pin storm or a nectar collector or a dab rig


For flower yes around 180-210 that’s me personally for hash and kief 130-145 tops


@Kalverra That is correct a torch or a nail will heat up the Ceramic or quarts nail and you hit it like a bong but 10 times stronger then just smoking flower


@dbrn32 A lot of people say 20-25 % is good on flower and kief I’m getting almost 91-92% return having that 3 ton jack is really really nice


Please share with anyone who may be interested in open to any and all questions


@Loki I feel like you would enjoy this post with your harvest coming up soon!


Everyone loves new toys!! I’m about to pull the trigger on that light mover!


I feel like I just got to university. :rofl::grin::+1:
Is that parchment paper ur using ?


Yes but the unbleached is a much better