Pressing with hog


@Countryboyjvd1971 I currently don’t own a press, although I’ll be investing in one soon, and due to work I haven’t been able to have my own crop in a while, although hopefully that’s gonna change in about a month! Got a budget of about 2 grand set aside for a tent, nice LED lights, smell proofing, and hydro gear


Woohoo good morning pressing peeps

My Saturday Has begun woohoo


Well then, concentrate really hard today. :call_me_hand:t3:


I pressed a couple CA Dream pucks last night. Sampled one through Firefly 2 with concentrate pad, very happy with results. Going to experiment with adding Boveda pack to jar before pressing and see how it affects yield.


@crazyots @Dr.DankThumb420 this thread is right up your allies.


Looks like a flying squirrel or maybe a sugar glider.


Reminded me of the ink blot test too.


@Big123 your pressing flower or Keif ?
Try freezing you product first
I recommend you get a pollen seperator if your doing flower the results are much better with kief imho I press flower also but i prefer kief woohoo love pressing and smoking the results hahaha
Have a great weekend everyone


I pressed dried flowers - chopped 10/1/18- of CA Dream, 2 grams of small insignificant buds, stored with no boveda pack. I used pollen press to make puck, did not use bag, just parchment.

I’m very impressed with the potency of what I pressed. I needed a few puffs off vaporizer with dried indica flowers loaded to ride it out and put me to sleep last night- slept like a champ.



That works but try kief when you get a chance @Big123


should get the new press sometime this week can’t wait to see what it can do compared


@Countryboyjvd1971 I can show off too :joy:


I see @Hogmaster


Look above my last post haha


Nice light color woohoo how’s it taste


@Countryboyjvd1971 will work my way up to that one day, taking her slow…


It taste great lol like Frosted Flakes


Come next week I will be showing several different ways for you to press Kief buds hash lol everything I can :exploding_head:


Sweet @Hogmaster what was it
@Big123 it’s all good next harvest take trim and some dry ice and woohoo you’ll be happy you did


That’s no lie @Big123