Pressing with hog


I’ve tried the hair straighting press but not with so much luck. Feels like I’m just wasting good nugs for nothing. I’ll be watching.


I’m interested in this as well


I tag you again @Countryboyjvd1971 lol


I’m here now lol @Hogmaster
Like the thread
I’ve been thinking about a upgrade myself to a stronger pneumatic press :+1:
So it’s a good time for this type of thread
Woohoo happy pressing and dabbing folks
@HJL and anyone else following
A proper press is the only way to go
Anything else is a waste of time and flower imho
Everyone I know who starts pressing with the right equipment has not turned back and smokes rosin almost exclusively


yabba dabba doooooo!!!


@Countryboyjvd1971 So, would one of these presses be more ideal than a standard pollen press for making hash out of sifted kief? And if so, what pressure and heat range would you be looking to use assuming the press was adjustable


@Kalverra It makes it to a concentrate so when you smoke one hit it’s about like smoking one joint and last longer


I apologize, I guess I wasn’t too clear on my question, was never good at writing my thoughts out clearly:

Would a pneumatic press be a good alternative to make hash out of sifted kief vs. using a method like shoe hash, making a puck in a pollen press, or taking a warm butter knife or glass jar with boiling water in it to press the kief into hash.

I understand that a majority of people use a pneumatic press to turn your cannabis into a concentrate such as shatter, honey, oil, wax, dabs etc. through applying heat and pressure to extract the oil in whatever consistency you want.

I guess I was just curious if you guys have ever used one to simply make hash instead of oil, by using less pressure and heat, or if it’s even worth making hash that way.


@Kalverra Yeah it will definitely work that way you just have a lot of trial and error I may just have to give it a shot and I don’t use a pneumatic @Countryboyjvd1971 does with a manual you have more control


I have one of these on it’s way great price but I will let you no what I think real soon


Looks like a nice press, I’ve read that some allow you to use a mold with it, how does that work out?


Works out great


I’m needing to get a Pneumatic press


It looks like it will get her done!


I like pressing the keif pucks like I was saying earlier in thread I make a micron bag stuff the puck in it and press at 118 for a few mins get at least 90% return


I like trying things that are nice and affordable for some people hopefully it lives up To its expectation I don’t think there’s going to be any issues I can tell you this their customer service is outstanding @Big123


I have a pneumatic press @Kalverra but I have not tried to press hash not sure you can pressure low enough between plates temps wouldn’t be a issue since you can select them temp
The regulator has a min pressure set point which would still give you a good amount on rams even a a lowest setting
I think a manual press would work out better or even a hydrolic press with a manual pump


My press scheduled for delivery tomorrow, UPS notification came this morning, super excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster I wanna thank you guys for answering my questions!


Any time @Kalverra
If you decide to try it let us know how you make out
If you don’t own a press maybe I’ll try it after my next harvest lol just to see how it goes