Pressing with hog


@Big123 haha :rofl:


Will be playing around some this weekend. Buddy of mine let me borrow this press.


That’s what I had been using I have the manual and @Countryboyjvd1971 has the Pneumatic


Nice press is that all automated just set temperature and time and press start?


I don’t think it’s automated besides temps, just watched a few videos this morn on it. I’ll prob be in your ear this weekend @Hogmaster and @Willd for some tips if I have trouble seems pretty self explanatory. I do have a quick question when making pucks are you breaking up flower or grinding it to make puck or is it buds compressed?


Don’t grind it up but do make pucks


I plan on doing 3g pucks pressing 3x total. Then using pucks for edibles would they the pucks still need decarbd? Am I on right path?


Nope you will be good they will be decarbed after you press


Thank you sir!


You’ll be able to press you pucks a few times so each one probably press 3 more times each I let them set over night then press the next day @Midwestnewbie


Is there a rule of thumb for how long you press for? I know every strain is different the way it presses but what are the ques to show you that you are pressing for to long or heat is too high?

So say white widow pressed good at 155 degrees for 2 minutes but critical mass don’t like that and comes out a translucent green color.


no run of thumb on times @ThcinKC
I personally press until I don’t see anymore action coming from the plates @ThcinKC
I will press up to 15 min if I still see results
When pressing a new strain I will make test pucks and play with my temps starting low and working up 5 degrees at a time until I find the sweet spot for a given strain


3 pucks 4g/ea

Just about 5g beautiful rosin.
I did weigh up my remaining stash of keif and I’ve got about an ounce left.


Very nice @Willd


Now that’s consistency buddy