Pressing with hog


I’ve listened to this song several times today, have it on the brain, love the organ and guitar :guitar: I been puffing on CA Dream rosin today, pressed at approximately 160F for 10 minutes or so…


Keif pressing all day Sunday.
So grateful @Hogmaster & @Countryboyjvd1971 suggested it.


Thanks. This press came with a written paragraph of broken English instructions translated from Chinese. You get what you pay for. This is the $258 job on eBay.

Pretty sure there is no “nest” or “between a paperings piece” involved in my method. I get them up to 170° for first press keif and 205° for first press flower. I jack it up 20° for the second keif run and 15° for the second flower run. First run I close the plates very slowly (2min) as to not blow out my home made net bags. Once they’re closed at full pressure, I run the timer for another 2-3 minutes. If I am pressing flower to dab I don’t use a net bag and just go once at 215° for 180 seconds once it’s closed. If it’s to make oil I use a bag and do 2 presses

If there are any fine tuning temperature adjustments, they are inside the unit on the board or something.
Harvested the rest of the “lace” left on the parchment I was too lazy to collect Sunday this morning.
I hope everyone is having a good time. The stuff gets me so high I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t having a good time. :joy::woozy_face::rofl:


It’s a work in progress
But I have my new press set up and woohoo
Pressed one puck last night as a test run have to tweak a few things before I really start pressing
6tons of pressure


She’s a thing of beuty CB!


I’ll give that a “woohoo!” on your behalf


Nice what is the pid controller on that ?


Went to the grow store figured since I got a press i would give the terrpinator a go and see if i get more resin on next grow


Some early harvest window Train Wreck Rosin, pressed around 160F for near 15 minutes:

For those who appreciate a Miracle:


That working out any better @Big123


It seems tastier with a fuller high from the dabbling done thus far, more sampling to do.


What do you mean @ThcinKC what brand or what’s it for ?

I ordered some heat transfer paste and a few silicone mats to help things a bit I’ve found plates being in direct contact with steel press i have a lot of heat transfer the silicon mats should stop that
The paste if for the heater wells so I get the best heat transfer possible


Yes i mean the controller mine is the inkbird 106 pid controller yours looked bigger just wondering so if i make a better one i know what controller to use. Just making notes and learning


Another dumb question i used thermopaste that you use on cpus for a computer is there a better heat paste that should be used? I used this on the cartridge heaters and the thermocouple.

Is there a big difference in doing a long press like longer than 5 minutes than say a 2 minute press
Is this for getting a better return or better taste?


Here’s some pressed yesterday.

I still enjoy vaporizing buds, especially at night, Fire OG fruity-liciousness sedative goodness here- @MattyBear


Getting the hang of pressing.
Have decided it’s best to press fresher flower than fully dried & cured. I have several plants hanging to dry, than I’ve cut trim from. Pressed at 165° for 15 minutes, slowly increasing the pressure. Have about 8g of resin so far .


@North_East_Newbie what’s the best way to store that much rosin? I’ve been storing small amounts in silicon containers and then a sealed mason jar, in the dark, next to my tinfoil hat.

ILGM Chronic Widow makes some potent rosin, cheers :merman:


I will probably be doing the same thing, minus the tinfoil hat(I never take mine off) :joy::rofl:. I am looking to make vape juice with batch, so then they will be stored in cartridges.


I just keep it in the Silicone containers But I go through 1-3 g container every two days


@Hogmaster You’re a savage!image