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Sweet deal!


It appears that the quality & accuracy of the various brand controllers on the various makes of presses is another consideration needing accounting for.
Mine reads 190° on the display but the lower plate is only reads 168° with the IR thermometer set at the correct emmissivity. The upper plate surface when set at 190° only reads 160°
I adjust my temps on the controller display until I get the readings I desire with my thermometer. I calibrate my thermometer with a slurry of crushed ice & water.
My kitchen is between an unconditioned workshop and the middle room where the wood stove is. If the result is runny I bring my parchment out there for a minute then harvest. If it’s shatter, I put it on a table by the wood stove.
In warmer weather I used an inverted cookie sheet with an ice pack underneath it.
I don’t always press an oz of rosin at a time but when I do, I make it into a big rock!


Look at the size of that rock!
Is that from kief or flower?


That’s a great deal Hog!
I will be checking these pens out today.


Unfortunately, that deal is no more.


I’m not at all familiar with what you have, but your temp controller may have some settings to help combat that.

Just from seeing pics online i recognize some of the controllers used as the same or similar to what we use in industrial settings. It’s likely that your controller is out of calibration or the rtd is providing feedback to open the heating circuit accurately but its not providing enough dead band for the plates to soak. Take alook at manual on controller to see if there are functions like hysteresis or PID control. You can usually adjust settings like that to combat soak time issues, provided that’s what you’re seeing.

Or, you can go easy route and do what you’re doing. But i suspect it’s just a matter of your aluminum shedding heat and the controller not being setup to account for it.


I did a experiment and it might make you guys laugh but I’m trying to live and learn and try harder till i get it. I Have kosher vg and pg and have a problem with separation. So i saw some guys getting no nicotine vape juice. This is where i went wrong maybe. I decarbs the trimmings and wash with everclear and strain and reduce and evaporate and added in resin. I still have seperation at being stired at 135 degrees for 20 minutes buzz is okay but not great but will add more resin when I press some more i used a 60ml bottle of vape juice here is pictures of the process

Fresh out oven

Shaking for 2 minutes reduced down then air dry with fan scraped the pan and resin going in the mix
Still separates and made 3 samples


Other question is there a certain resin grams to ml ratio that anyone knows?


1 gram=1ml.


That really seems like alot i wonder if this is where one of those critical co2 extractors come in handy. Im beating the dispensaries in the flower department but I need to beat them in this one to. Sorry for rambling on and thanks for the help.


Maybe i’m not sure what you were asking? The conversion i thought, but were you asking about yield from bud wax or something?


THC adheres poorly with VG no matter how long the steeping process. Using PEG400 does a much better job than PG, but the best results would be using straight terpenes with a few drops of PEG400.


I have actually used 2 mil to 1 g of concentrate and found it to be to weak for my consumption so for my personal use I use 1 g to .08 mil. for my mix still produces close to 2 mil when mixed together. The less pg/vg the higher potency. @ThcinKC


You guys should start a thread on your juice this was for pressing


Sorry about that


It’s all good I was just looking and a lot of people want to know and learn :wink:


I pressed some dried flowers at lower temp for more time, turned out a bit tastier and with a bit more high…will keep experimenting!



Jerry and Merl…great stuff.

I am toking some blueberry auto rosin that Will pressed for me and man o man - potent stuff. This song though, love it, thx @Big123 (But not Hoggy’s cup o tea hahaha right @Hogmaster )