Pressing with hog


beautiful sticky goodness, just curious have you watched the youtube vid on how to make crystaline A with your new toy? Was wondering if you have ever tried it and would love to see a pic. I am going to get a press in the near future, but right now it’s little out of budget.


I pressed Chronic Widow rosin - on left next to my wife’s joints- from 2017 vintage buds, still a tasty and good buzz producer.

GSC-X rosin on right.


@Hogmaster my new press should arrive today
Got my heat plates last week
Woohoo can wait to try it out brother


Seems like the biggest challenge to the DIY vape oil is finding just the right battery, leak-proof cartridges & coil consistency from one empty cartridge to the next.

From the same mfg with the exact same oil & battery, one cart hits like a full on bong rip and the next one hits like a dry herb vaporizer with a dead battery.

My step daughter brought some empty TKO branded ones for me to refill and they seem great.
Anyone have a lot of experience and suggestions for great cartridges?


My guy says that you need to avoid the cheap cigarette styled batteries and go with the big adjustable vape mods.


I have an RTA on my mod. It allows me to wipe a dab on the coils or drip some juice onto the cotton. No complaints thus far.


I haven’t used cannabis for one yet but as a daily user of nicotine vapes I agree with both statements above. Those little pen batteries are junk and the c cell style carts are notorious for leaks and heating element failures. Get a solid vaping setup and it’ll last longer and have more power to get the right feeling of smoking.


I am having a hard time getting the end result to be resin. It just flakes off and goes everywhere. I lowered my temps to 140, but still the same results. What an I doing wrong? It shouldn’t be this difficult.


This is more of a question than answer, but any chance it’s a little wet yet?


I am using kief for this & getting the flaky results.
I get a light waxy substance from flower, that doesn’t have much potency.


@North_East_Newbie Different strains will absolutely press differently I’ve had them where they flaked off to real pain in the ass and then I’ve had them where they’re really Runny which is also a pain are you pressing your kief In A micron bag?


@North_East_Newbie yeah man that sucks but it still should be good if the flower is it’s just a big pain


I am using a micron bag. Flower didn’t seem to darken up & looks more like bees wax.


Mine are changing textures

it’s like a chunky butter



This is what the flower wax looks like for me.


Thanks Hog.
I felt like I was going crazy.
Everyone else’s post looked so successful


I’ve been pressing dried and cured flowers between 210F -215F with what I consider decent and potent results for a novice.


That’s a little to hot for me I run 160 for flower for 10-15 mins and kief 140 for 3-4 mins @Big123


I will have to experiment with lower temperatures and more time, thank you!