Pressing with hog


Nice. My step daughter ordered their Strawberry Cough blend for me to use on the experiments I send her. If it’s any good, I will try others.
My vintage Corning Labs hot plate/stirrer arrived yesterday with no rubber feet. My local TruValue/Agway carries that stuff so we’ll be taking a ride later. Still waiting on a scale, Teflon magnets for the stirrer, beakers, and precision pipettes. The stuff I made so far is ok. It’s separating between uses which isn’t good. But it tastes pretty good. I’ve diluted it more by adding terpenes though so now the potency isn’t all it should or could be.

Next batch will contain less than half as much of the PG to compensate & account for the terp addition in the calculation. Supposedly 10-15% dilution is sufficient if you can heat it to 100°C and emulsify it all. That will make for a more potent end result.

You already know this, but if you decide to go all in on this, shop around for equipment on eBay. The terp site sells Dragon Labs precision pipettes for 4x as much as I paid for identical items on eBay.
Amazon sells Paper Chef brand parchment in bigger roll & in multipacks. I’m not pitching that brand or anything but I’m very satisfied with it and used it in the kitchen for years before I ever even heard of rosin.


@Hogmaster are you gonna be testing any other presses?


I was intrigued by their strain specific terpenes.
but buying the individual flavors were more cost effective.
I may just buy a Jack Herer one, since & am readying to harvest a couple of those plants.
I can test the flavor difference.

I will shop around on ebay for some of the lab equipment you have. Have you had an issue with separation with the vape juice? Just curious.


Can you post what pollen tumble you use i keep getting toms tumbler on Amazon for 600 dollars
I probably typing in the wrong words to search for this


This is the one Hogmaster has @thcinkc


Thanks definitely going to order that


@ThcinKC I’m getting ready to build a press myself woohoo
Like what you did man


All together that cost me 210 dollars i bought 6160 aluminum plates it’s a little tougher aluminum.


This video helped me alot to


Pressed kief for the first time tonight.
I may have over cooked it?
Set the heat at 190 for4 minutes.
The good news is I made my first successful batch of vape juice with it.


Sweet @North_East_Newbie! Is the potency there this time?


I have encountered some separation. Minimal, but apparent. I’m hoping the controlled heat and the magnetic stirring of my Corning Glass Works unit emulsifiers it better than stirring like a spaz with a glass rod or stainless steel tool.
Once the Strawberry Cough blend my step daughter purchased from them arrives, I will make a decision about whether or not to purchase other pre blended strain profiles or buy more isolates.


Woohoo @North_East_Newbie
Kief should be presses a bit lower in temps then flower FYI
I’m intrigued with all this guys @Willd I will be following along
@ThcinKC I pick out my plates and will be deciding on what size press to buy
I will post a full review when I get it together here in a few weeks


What @Countryboyjvd1971 said about the temp. If you don’t have one yet, I recommend picking up a hand held IR thermometer to take actual plate temp readings as controllers vary from mfg to mfg.

I got mine at harbor freight with a coupon for <$20


@MattyBear the potency is there (finally)!
I have filled 6 other cartridges with juice that didn’t have any effect, so am very pleased with the results.
I followed @Willd suggestion and used less liquidizer. This is the first time I used resin from kief & that made a big difference! there is basically no plant matter to press out, so the end product seems to be more potent (at least that’s my initial assumption).

@Countryboyjvd1971, what is the ideal temp setting you’ve found for kief?


I am logging onto Harbor freight now.
I hope your strawberry cough project is successful.


I press my kief at 145-150 plate temp @North_East_Newbie
My press tends to over heat by 10 degrees off my set point
So if I set it for say 140 plate temps will be in the 150 range
And I will press it for around 3-5 min depending on how it reacts
Basically I pull it when I see no more bubbles emerging


Thanks CB!
I’ll try that tonight


I prefer less heat on the kief it seems to save the flavor profile better in my humble opinion


@merlin44 lookup rosin press on youtube lots of great vid’s there and reviews of different types. Keep in mind most of the reviewed ones are more epensive but like the photos in this thread you can find something that fits most budgets.