Pressing with hog



O.k. apparently I’m a fat liar it’s alarming out and my garage is 10 degrees and its out of range it does work i plugged it in the kitchen to test it and it was working fine but a hour in the garage not so much.


I’ve only bought dispensary shatter and wax so not really sure if it’s decarbed or not. But my 510 thread pen heats it fine.


I pressed two zips of pineapple haze at Will’s. Cured but not decarbed. The rosin is fire in the kind storm vape/nail. I do not believe there is any decarb necessary if you plan to vape it @North_East_Newbie

PS Never used the liquidizer but Will was sharing that he got some and thought it was no different than PG


It decarbs the material after you press it so that flat piece of material can be used to cook oil or butters or other things no need to decarb that the rosin is a natural shatter no chemicals you can use the stuff you press and can even press more then one time and still be able to use the pressed material I use mine in a coconut oil that makes 2000 mg per cookie the bars and stuff at dispensary are 100mg and I’m not Kidding they will do you in for days they are very strong


You mean you place the pressed pucks into coconut oil @Hogmaster


Yes presses pucks in oil or butter I use a Sous Vide cooker and it takes over a week to make


Instead of doing their recommendation of 2 to 1 ratio,it closer to a one to one ratio of wax liquidizer to rosin. I did not use a microwave either & used a little silicone tub on the edge of my woodstove that never got to over 100°F and stir stir stir stir stir stir stir stir stir stir stir stir.

I have to say adding terpene isolate’s made it a total world of difference in the E juice’s flavor & more importantly, effect.
I have about an ounce of keif rosin set aside to formulate into juice once the rest of my equipment arrives. I picked up a used Corning PC-351 hot plate/lab mixer with Teflon magnet stir bars, some low form borosilicate beakers & disposable pipettes. I already have a batch of syringes with 15 gauge tips a bunch of 30 ml dropper bottles with 15 gauge syringe tips & a funnel. Still waiting for delivery of 25 empty ceramic 510 cartridges.

I added terps to my first batch and now it is very tasty & seems even more potent despite being slightly more diluted. The entourage effect is real.
Limonene, a-pinene, myrcene & terpinolene are the 4 isolates I started off with. Medical Jane has great resource materials regarding terpenes in cannabis. I need to order a couple more “essential” isolates including b-pinene, ocimene, and humulene to create a more full-spectrum palate of profiles


What place are you getting your terpins from


This is most helpful Will. Thanks for your detailed response. I am not too knowledgeable about terpenes & will spend some time today reading about them. Sound like you are looking to create your own e-juice to replace a product like Wax Liquidizer, which is exactly what I would like to do. There must be a recipe out there to do this.

I have been heating the liquidizer in the microwave. Perhaps that has had a negative effect on the end product?

This will be a trial of errors until I find the best method. Do you plan to start a thread for your experimentation? If so, I will happily follow along. :slightly_smiling_face:

On a side note: an OUNCE of resin?!?!?! I am totally jealous & have some work to do!


true terpenes
buy-terpenes dot com


I got original Wax Liquidizer and will use that up first and add terpene isolates.
I have some PG and VG to experiment with as well. I didn’t find VG to be a very good solvent in the past though.
I’m going to try to use straight PG once the WL is gone. If that doesn’t work I’m going to try thinning the PG with a product called Viscosity.
I really love the Storm Dab rig but I’d prefer something requiring less constant cleaning


I got the original & pineapple WL.
I also bought mango F2V.
I’ve spent much of today reading about terpenes & am amazed at how much I don’t know.
Medical Jane is a wealth of knowledge - thanks for recommending that site.

I found a website that is selling a “starter Pack” sampler for $64 for 4 1 oz bottles

Is this pricing in line with what you’ve bought?

I started a tincture 2 months ago with the intent of making vape juice, but have held off based on peoples success rate with it. The wife was talking with the guy she buys her weed juice off & he says his guy makes it from tincture, so I don’t know? It never hurts to try. I guess.


This looks to be about 2/3 the price of the brand I bought. There is not a lot of info regarding how it was synthesized though. The brand I use are steam distilled. idk if it makes a difference. I’m willing to shop around for sure


I just reread through their website.
This was their response to extraction:
“There’s a number of ways that terpenes are extracted and they vary depending on the desired terpene’s polarity, volatility, and size. All these factors are considered before extraction and processes continue to be refined for each individual terpene.” Not sure what they use, as they never disclosed their methods.

I went ahead and ordered the 4 oz bottle size($129). It seemed a good price break offering it at half price of the 1 oz size(64)


I will say they already processed my order & sent me a tracking number (20 minutes after I ordered).
Now THAT is some fast customer service!


ILGM GSC-X makes some great rosin!

I took apart 2 Fire Fly 2 vaporizers, cleaned, swapped a couple parts, both work even better for rosin now!


O.k. I got my press working how do you do live rosin?
I pressed these at 160 and 170 degrees
Is it better to put your parchment paper in the freezer after press to get it off the paper easier


@ThcinKC You’ll be pressing that several times before you get it all out best way is to cut the plant fresh get dry ice and extracted into Kief and press that 90+ % returns


There are a few rigs posted above that burns the oil/rosin.