Pressing with hog


Friday Flower Flattening Frenzy!


Smokin, Tokin Friday again!
Making e-juice from rosin was easier than anticipated.
The results are mixed. Potency is there for a dilution Turns out Wax Liquidizer is just a blend of PG, PEG200, & PEG400. Even though it’s classified by the FDA as GRAS or generally regarded as safe I am on the fence about the benefit/risk but know plenty of folks who love the convenience of vapeable liquid concentrates.

Without any added terps it doesn’t taste like much at all so I ordered less expensive terpene isolates rather than order pre-mixed strain profiles. Here is the logic. After reviewing the composition of each of 30 or so different strain profiles, I found that 6 isolates are the most prevalent terpene isolates found in over 75% of strain profiles I researched. That should get me off to a good start.
I’m not going to vape anymore juice until the terpenes I ordered yesterday arrive. Vaping straight rosin is so tasty as is.
If I get in over my head my step daughter will get a nice birthday gift in a few months


Love this video. I pressed some Fire OG yesterday, great and tasty night time medicine.

Fire OG, on left Train Wreck on paper and container to right.


@Big123 that’s a funny scene man hahahaha
Thanks for the laugh

I have some fire og I close to harvest with and can’t wait to process the trim and press some more rosin woohoo


I grew 2 Fire OG plants, both exhibit very different bud texture, smells, and tastes, however, both potent. I pressed rosin from each, only tried the rosin from fruitilicious tasting one, will try other tonight.

I pressed some earlier harvest window GG#4 and sampled, tasty and potent with energetic effects. Went running after and had my best time on a 5K in the past 2 years.


Anyone here know anything about moon rocks


Heard of them and seen them, but haven’t smoked them before. I’d love to smoke some tho! Why? Are you sharing? Haha :wink::v::bear:


There good I have made and smoked a few there a pain to make the way I do it but taste


Oh nice @Hogmaster! I’ll make some of my own when the time comes :wink::v:


I was interested in learning to make


My understanding is you would coat a nug in distillate oil (something like honey oil) and then dust with kief.


@ThcinKC here is a good one for you.


Sounds messy. How to smoke? In a joint they would be really sticky, probably get clogged and in a bong … would the resin flow into the water?


I got my press set up last night!

my first batch was 3 grams of flower that has been curing for a month. I got 1.2 grams of resin from 3 grams!
I added the resin to Wax Liquidizer & NOTHING. It was completely ineffective. What am I doing wrong?
@Hogmaster do you press flower or kief? Is there something I should be doing differently? I set the temp to 165 & pressed for about 2 minutes. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Big123 @Willd


With the Wax Liquidizer, do you need to decarb the rosin or bud?
Not sure if the vape pen heats up the resin enough?


I have left some small buds on my plants to fill out a little more and are almost ready to go is there a different temperature you need to be at for fresh flowers i want to try live rosin. This sugar black rose smells amazing. I have a 12 ton shop press with 4x7x1 aluminum plates and 4 100watt cartridge heaters to a pid controller and a thermocouple k style if that means anything and thanks for the help here guy’s


I press both kief and bud mostly kief it sounds like you need a different smoking device I use a kindpen dot com and I use the storm and the dream of any interest in them let me no


O.k. getting ready to fire this up


Nice big ol buds and Parchment paper and you’re ready to go