Pressing with hog


Absolutely it’s hash I preferred to use all of the material after I press it I put those in jars and cook it in coconut oil with my sous vide cooker at 118° for five days drain it into a new jar get all the material out at oil to fill it the rest of the way back up and cook for additional three days that’s great for edibles instead of using a half a cup a canna butter the stuff will knock your junk in your watch pocket


Not the finished product the plant material in with the dry ice?


It was a plant that was harvested two days ago they were ready to go I just didn’t let them dry the dry ice took care of that


@Drhomegrown I’m about a hour south of Albany in the Hudson valley region :+1:

Hahahah I’m on it @dbrn32. Have a granger acct @ work too but I will look around since they tend to be a bit higher in cost
10000 psi would def be plenty

@Hogmaster woohoo glad you like the pollen seperator it work great Can’t wait to harvest so I can run my trim threw it hehehehe
Woohoo love it


Definitely shop around for that stuff. I’m not sure what the resale market is by you, but I’ve seen the hand pumps with small assortments of cylinders on craigslist for a few hundred bucks. Also, since you have a work account with grainge, whoever does your ordering should have an account rep. I’ve had our secretary reach out to account rep ask if they could do any better on a specific item before.


I’ve found with grainger to always call my sales rep as the price will be lower on the web but when place order can be 10-15% higher than advertised.


been working this week,catching up on the forum here…lol
you have been busy @Hogmaster i’m over here all jelly and such…lol
that kief looks like a big pile of old time west coast turn around!


So @Hogmaster let me ask you, that company sells another model that touts a replaceable jug (hydraulic jack). Is your unit one that you could replace the jack??

I am close to pulling this trigger but I am impulsive so trying to take it down a notch.


You don’t really need that sled anyway.


I really think my GF would boot my ass out if I bought another sled lol. We agreed on a bike that we can both ride on for many more months so any purchase like that is gonna be a cruising bike (Harley if I get my way).

More down to earth, lights, press, pollen extractor, tooth hahahaha. I’ve already done my tax return and it ain’t filling all of the holes…

Bottom line, lights equal more weed to press. The reverse doesn’t work as well…tic toc

On that note, these cobs are killing me on heat. I’m a good pc overclocker, might have to crank something up to get some more btu’s in the tent. j/k


Bigger driver would solve that. If you go that route you may as well grab pin sinks and build new fixture to accommodate 6 of them and call her top notch.

All that because none of the larger drivers would fit in case.


No no no, I’m patiently awaiting some other options for lights!!


Wrong coast @BIGE


that stuff would have you running like forrest gump!


Jezzz man 7500 lol you better be making some back with that investment @dbrn32
Seems a bit steep to me looks like a nice unit tho

I’m looking at the 6 Ton that dabpress offer as well @Screwauger just having some internal struggles since my current pneumatic press work just fine lol but more pressure is a good thing too haha


@Countryboyjvd1971 What’s wrong with having a back up press?


ok,CB @Countryboyjvd1971 I’ll buy yours and you get the 6 ton!!


I think @dbrn32 just ribbin me since I am committing cash all over the place for lights, sleds, motor bikes, presses hahahahaha
Dreamin basically!!!


Living the good life @Screwauger :wink::v:


Yup, I have no need for that. Definitely just harassing those of you with the deep pockets lol.

Although multiple of YouTube videos showed guys getting 25-30% yields, which appears to be as good or better than butane or co2 extraction. $7500 is a drop in the hat compared to a lot of those systems.