Pressing with hog


Are you guys shaming me?!


Never we would not do that to a brother


Saving it for @Countryboyjvd1971 then haha


I’m shaming you Rob! Shame!! Haha.


I’ll shame that tsi fly. Even though I don’t really want to.


Lol o yeah you get @dbrn32 @MattyBear I got @Countryboyjvd1971


Don’t even think about it bro! I need that Tsi Fly to be :fire: or have balls :wink:


Shiny balls


I’d like them to have pollen filled balls :roll_eyes::grimacing::shushing_face::laughing:


Here is fresh kief from a plant I just chopped my plants and used my pollen Separator and some dry ice fresh plant got all the tricombs off and mmm mmm good


You guys got all the toys! :drooling_face: definitely jealous @Hogmaster That looks delicious.


Are you using trim or are you using buds?


I’m using bud and trim off the fresh


@Midwestnewbie And bud for my other stuff here is my fresh hash from that

Uploading: 1F4BE107-13AC-4A67-A48A-6F4DC6D740F2.jpeg…


those balls look amazing :joy: touché @MattyBear


Do you freeze the material before or just use dry ice?


How much material vs the yield? What’s a guess on weight of the balls?


@Midwestnewbie One ball is 4 one 7 and one 12 grams I made 3 I’m getting and 20-25% on the first run the more you run you get less Quality but it still just as good I do not freeze the material I actually set it in the cylinder for 20 minutes with dry ice in the stuff will just crumble because it’s so cold compared to just putting it in your freezer


They are compact like crazy it takes 30-45 mins a ball to do it correctly


So with presses your able to multi use for edibles. How about this technique would
You be able to use in edibles as well?