Preserving The Harvest


I’m in the process of harvesting my crop, but I’m extremely busy and can’t manicure it and get it into Mason Jars right away. Is there a way that I can put it away in bigger container and still keep it fresh and manicure as I have time?

Thank you.


Gently place all the limbs of the plant into a large brown paper bag, and fold the top over. This will allow the plant to dry evenly until you can manage time to manicure. Every day or so, open bag and rotate buds to allow all to dry in the same amount of time. Peace


I have a drying net, so I’m drying it fine, the problem is that once it is dry, how do i keep it fresh without putting it in mason jars?


Is there a certain type of large container that I can put it in and keep it fresh until I can manicure it?


You need to make time. I cannot advise you on an alternative or inferior idea.

I always manicure as I harvest. Saves a lot of time. I don’t know how much effort and expense you put into your grow, but now you have money in your hands and no time for it.


Thank you for trying to help. I do it as a hobby and make my money through business and that is why unfortunately I do not have the time. Once again thank you fro your guidance.


Question what is manicure