Preserving seeds

Hello all you amazing peeps, I have a question to anybody willing to answer. I have three white widow seeds that I am not ready to plant and my question is how long are they good and is there a specific way I can extend the life of the seeds?

Many thanks, Kathy

If kept cool, dry, and in the dark they’ll keep for years. Freezer with a desiccant will work well.


Can I store them in the refrigerator or what is a desiccant in the freezer that you’re talking about?

Either freezer or fridge. Just allow to defrost/come to room temperature before opening.

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A desiccant pack is the the little bags you find in new shoe boxes or packed with electronics . It helps to absorb moisture while in storage

Thank you bunches for your information.

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Thank you so much for the information. I will heed your wisdom!