Presentations, Journal and TONS of questions! ♥️

Hiiiiii all!
Just registered here and for the first time on a cannabis forum. I’m a kind of shy girl that want to prove that even us can became expert growers! Ha-HA! :heart_eyes: :rofl:

So, this is my second grow ever but oh god do I read a lot and try to be as much as technical as I can be - budget and economically-wise.
So I’m still a total noob but also a kind of well informed and ready one too, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: HEHE.

I’ve made all I’m gonna show with some pics for a month now, taking care of my ex roommate plant :seedling: and growing my own.

I’ve tried to learn about manifolding, but I was hella scared the veg time would double or triple.
I know, I know it’s not like that and with a simpler manifold it would take just like two more weeks or so to the plant to regain proper shape and be healthy and back on track, but I will do on the next cicle.

Should now I post the pictures first and in order and in different posts or ask some questions first?
PLEASE HELP and I will cook you all some lasagna :relieved::pray:


Post any and all pictures that you have so people can help you better, and welcome to the forum! Give lots of updates! :v:


Hello and welcome! Post your pictures, questions, whatever you want. This is your thread were just living in it.


Post away, many people will do weekly updates. But as @Eagles009 said this is your thread, do with it as you like. By putting pics up, occasionally someone will notice something that can help catch a issue before you even notice it. Welcome to ILGM forum.


Jesus I already love you all people.
My friends were totally right - this place flourish with good hearted people that share passion and knowledge in such a beautiful way.

That’s a good welcome to me, I will post them soon even because I’ve just noticed something really worrying on my healthiest plant :sob:


Welcome!! Ima watch too if’n you don’t mind :slight_smile: I post a daily picture on my journal and I have another one just for my room build that I post to every time I add a new gadget or light or modification lol.


Welcome to the forum. Lots of great people and info on here!
Enjoy - and never be afraid to ask!
Have fun and happy growing! :sunglasses: :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:


You will find many strong women on this forum doing amazing things. We all look forward to seeing your grow and don’t hesitate to tag anyone for help.

@Amazon66 @Missiles @PremiumBudzBlondie here are 3 growers you may want to pay attention to.


Welcome to the forum.

Obviously post any pictures and ask any questions you like, that’s what the forum is for.

Hopefully if you stick around and learn lots, your future grows will be phenomenal!


Thank you! And we are all here to help. I’m definitely following along. And welcome to ILGM @FromNoob2Expert :sunglasses:


Everyone missed it so I want to be first in line for her Lasagna, lol. Welcome :smile:


Wow a interesting concept eating a meal you didn’t cook without a bill at the end. I think I just revealed my wife can’t cook. Lol… Anyways try to post as much as possible you will find that the talented individuals here can spot a problem before you notice it.


Setting to watch…i love lasagna…:crazy_face:


Welcome to the forum, everyone is eager to help when needed.

I don’t think the plants know our gender so being a woman should not prevent you from being an expert grower like so many other women on this forum.
@Myfriendis410 has tagged just a few of our expert female growers.


Yup… we are awesome… LoL some ppl in here grow weed too I heard. Good luck with it and get up pics and a lot of them. Oh and my wife made lasagna just last week so maybe some ziti or stuffed shells be good. LoL


Welcome and Hello

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Ok let me start by saying that I LOVE YOU ALL AHAHAHAH
I’m sorry if I still don’t understand how to post everything aesthetically and properly so let me try to post 2 pics and then edit to start writing every information that comes to my mind :heart:

(Luckly I can now because I registered yesterday and there was a post-limit that I used to cheer other beautiful growers ahhaha let’s if it work, I’ll edit ASAP and put description before every pics if I feel it’s needed xD)

Ok, here we go:

I started with some light mix soil that would have been good but I also used some fertilizer from Atami, with the proper schedule for an already fertilizer soil:


I’ve bought that bonsai iron wire that I’m using now in the LST (today is exactly the third week of veg of my babies) and please forgive me if my English is not perfect but it’s not my first language :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let’s procede.
I’m using this 400w HPS for veg and I have another 400w ready for flowering stage:

This is how it looks, kinda love it, kinda blind me every time I go there to work on LST (first time I do it, gonna catch up the topic soon XD)

Little note: when I came to this actual home, the ex owner gifted me a plant that he thought it was a male, but after 2 days he went away and she started the flowering, so today it’s exactly 1 month and 1 week into flowering and because it’s cold outside I’m manually moving her from the little grow room to the bedroom (where it’s dark, I’ve closed everything) so that she can have a 12/12 hours cicle where the little sisters have a full 18/6 cicle, everything timed and coordinated perfectly, and I experimented to have her grow by side because the light was close to the ground and it’s working amazingly, haven’t found much information on other doing this thing that may or not may be stupid or genious ahhaahah. By the way the unknown female plant is clearly a sativa type

Those were my babies 3 weeks ago:

Then they started growing like this, not without a little amount of troubles and worries for me XD

Now let me put some closeup of the plants and the evolution of the sativa, then I will start with the questions and thanks god you beautiful people exists ahhaha

I think she won’t produce a lot, but it smells amazing and I think she will have a good taste and calming effect (I have big troubles sleeping at night)

Those are some pics of the LST I’ve made.
Sadly one of them snapped the main branch a little and I had to tape it 4 days ago and yet yesterday I was able to LST again all of them and even the snapped one is recovering, I plan on doing 2 month of veg

Now these are the plants today, pic got 2 minutes ago just to post them here, I will make more and in details as soon as the hps goes back on:


As you can see I couldn’t afford yet a proper grow box and so I created some cheap reflectors that actually works (or I say myself so as a placebo effects, who knows) and here’s the problems I’ve seen:

This little cuts scares the hella of me…where the yellow leaf is at the “height” of the main branch that snapped not while, but after two days I’ve done the LST and that’s why I’m worried the same could happen to the others, even if they looks strong and pretty resilient and healthy too

Now the questions XD:

  • Should I keep the plants for two months of veg while LST?
    Those seeds are Dinafem Critical+ 2.0 and I want the biggest harvesting possibile _
  • What cause the little cuts? Should I be worried? Should I do something? Other plants can get affected too?
  • The yellow leaf next to the snapped main branch is normal?
  • Am I exaggerating with LST?
  • Is the orizzontal flowering for the sativa a stupid idea or pretty good?
  • How long should the misterious sativa stay in flowering? Sadly with the veg light because I will change to the proper flowering light when the Criticals are ready.
  • I’m using tap water mixed with distilled water and fertilizer with the right proportion, yet I see some yellowing or some burns here and there.
    I’ve bought a PH meter and it’s around 6, what’s going on?
  • Should I be worried that the other plants that looks ok on LST snap too?
  • If so, how can I prevent it? :frowning:
  • Should I buy another 5 sativa seeds to sprout and let grow in little party cups so that they don’t occupy much space and they will give me something different and good in return?
    Without LST letting them grow in height while the other grow in size: the Criticals will have 2 months before flowering and the little cups ones will have 1 months if I go buy them today.
    It’s a good idea?


Out of nowhere in one of my plants (each vase is 11liters) this little plant started sprouting and I fastly transplanted - and it’s clear it’s not cannabis, what is it and why it was there? Ahahahah.

I transplanted again yesterday to have it occupy less space possible and see what it comes out of it.
Ah, before I forgot: I’ve bought 8 Critical seeds but only 5 were “alive”. It was just bad luck?

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First of your English is better then mine and it’s my 1st…only language. Second you are very clever with that pot sideways. LoL I’ve never though of that to help with height and it seems to be working rather well. Not sure if that was your intention but - bravo. The little cuts are no big deal and how long you veg ALL Depends on how much room or height you have to work with. Even with lst they still grow and UNLESS scrog is applied they’ll continue up. They look fantastic and healthy… my guess is the yellow is from feeding on top of a fertilized soil but it is so minimal just keep it in mind with no major alterations. Do you check runoff or ppm as well. Those are good numbers to go by… good stuff