Prescription Blend Nutrients

Anybody here tried these yet. I’ve seen some videos and read some reviews and they seem to get good response. Ordered some to try gonna switch from Fox Farms Trio to this.

Could be, seems kind of expensive though.

Yeah a bit. I’ll be a guinea pig.

Let’s see how it goes, somebody has to be the first.

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So I’ve been using prescription blend for the hole season and about 4 weeks from harvest and I cans say YES to this product. Last year my son used fox farm and he said he is switching he is amazed at the buds. The growers around me that use fox farm have thicker bushes but they are not as strong. Three weeks into budding season and we got a nasty storm 40 mph winds with 60 mph gusts most everyone had damage multiple broken branches, all I got for damage was a handful of fan leaves broke. These plants were blowing sideways and no damage super strong! And the sticky buds and smells amazing!! The only thing that I added with it was My Weed Minerals (buy on amazon)

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