Prepping has begun, gearing up to od on the O.D


Starting to purchase admendments to make a pretty big pile of dirt… Its crazy how quick this time is back. Still snow on the ground!


Woohoo @Familyman420


The one in the solo cup with pipe cleaner LST, is the drunk skunk, waiting on clippings to tell the sex. Only strain planted not fem. 2 out of 3 seeds came up. The one in picture was first up and biggest most rebust, hoping it isnt sign of being a male??


The clippings x2 are under a 13watt clf on 10hrs off 14.Should be showing anytime now, going on a week.

Sorry i cant get a better picture till my wifes along my hand shakes a bit. But i think still bit early too tell?? Anyone else ??


Yes still a bit early I think @Familyman420


Still cant tell the sex :frowning: i might take another clipping and start over normally i thought u can tell about 10days after the flip, im im wondering if some light pollution is getting in? Check out them roots! Wasnt trying to root these cuttings, was only trying to sex it.
Can anyone else who does this to check sex tell me how long it normally takes after u flip the lights to 12/12 or 10/14, it seems lile its taking a while linger then it should.
@Countryboyjvd1971 @Usmcjojo


This mother plant is going to be a monster after i turn her loose in the great oudoors! She has so many branches its crazy. After i cut 18 clones off her i topped all the other branches even with each other. And super cropped the like 8 main branches. Also fed her soil and her good after i took all the clones.
She was a clone from an out door plant last summer in mid flower, and i got 100% with all clones i cut from her. She just wants to grow.


All the clones lived, all have been topped to even them, also getting LST and one round of super cropping. Had to give 6 away, needed the space, they all are doing great.


Starting building soil to fill a bunch of big smart pots come spring.Taking advantage of the few days it thawed out before snow comes bk this weekend.


sweet @Familyman420,i mixed up a organic brew this round myself…
5 in dirt 3 in sunshine promix4


@Familyman420 the one your trying to sex did that clone root if so place it under a 12/12 light schedule


.azomite dust
.alfalfa meal
.bat guana
.blood meal
.bone meal
.calcium dust
.composted reptile waste(turtles,snakes, lizards)
.epsom salt
.Humic acid granulated
.insect frass
.kelp meal
.Peat moss
.pumice stone
.rabbit shit composted
.Urine 1gal, fermented 90days
.worm castings 15lbs×2
Still have some stuff to add, i buy a few things every week. I am also about to harvest 15wwa in 5gal. Grow bags so ill be adding that used soil to this ass mass for a recharge. And a month later 10more 5gal. Bags. Also have about half ton of finish kitchen/garden compost.


Heres the mother super skunk, shes a clone cut from last summers outdoor ss in 4th wk of flower. So i guess its a “monster clone”, i wasnt as happy with my autos harvest this time so i might throw it in a 7gal grow bag with some amended roots organic medium. And throw right in the middle with a scrog, veg for 2 wks after transplant, and flip to 12/12 to finish last 10 ama, if it goes 8-9wks of flower i should still be done before i really gotta start working on the outdoor stuff.
Had a few questions about photos and autos together?? @Usmcjojo @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @bob31 will this make a differnce in my final yeild in the 10 autos? They have been 18/6 but im thinking whrn wwa out ill have the room and a ss under 2x 1k leds (230 act.pull) and a 400 hps i should be able to pull a nice head stash fo the summer. I already habe a clone thats doing better then the rest im going to replace her with to be my new mother plant.


Yes that clone rooted under 10on/14 off.
Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…
My phone refuses to take a closer pict. Does it look male to anyone else? Its not doing so well its been 3wks and barely showing sex yet. Going to need fed soon it i keep it alive much longer


not sure why last post pictures didnt load @Countryboyjvd1971


It’s still a little hard to see when i blow it up a few more days should tell tou 100% tho


How about flowering a photo with some autos finishing up, then it would have all the lights to its self to finish out flower. I dont have enough safe places to guerrilla grow to use one on a monster plant, that i cant raise to its potential. Indoors i feel like i might do better. Its thick, and has branches everywere! Im sure it would spread out and fill a screen fast. Any thoughts on doing that? After this round im shutting the room down. When i start up im going bk to mothers and SOG.


I grow photos and autos all the time
Autos are great cause you can put them yndet any light schedule sometimes i will flower them in my veg space but i mostly leave them in my flower space under 12/12 thier whole lives i do keep them the first two weeks or so under veg lights
So i say go for it brother


Have u flowered ILGM super skunk indoors? About how long did it run for u? Outdoors she ate like a pig! And grew into huge plants cant wait to see it under the lights


I have a super skunk auto going now first time with the super so no help there buddy lol sorry