Prepping for and first time grow

Even the best grow lights can’t compete with the sun but that being said, there is such a thing as too much light. I would imagine though that heat is more the problem with indoor growing.
Does the light have dimming capability? I’m currently at 30" above the plants at about 55% brightness and the growth rate seems pretty good to me. You can also raise or lower the light to control the intensity, but as the plants grow there’s less wiggle room obviously but in flower is when you WANT as much intensity as they can handle.

Humidity is very important in the early stages because of the limited root structure. They need the extra juice in the air as the root system expands and as you move into later stages of growth humidity is lower and lowest during bloom to protect from bud rot. I don’t know all the percentages off hand but Roberts guides on the site have all the info in them.

I did pull one of the timers out of the strip yesterday and when I plugged it back in the times were still in there. It was only out of the plug for a minute or two so I’m not sure how long they will hold the info.
I’m running my fans and exhaust on a timer but I let them go for 20 minutes after the light turns off just to clear the last stale air out of the tent. Apparently some growers will set up the ventilation to come on and run for 15 or 20 minutes a few times during the dark cycle.

My thermometer/hygrometer can connect to the phone via bluetooth and maintains the info it’s collected through the day, week, month or year. You can set upper and lower parameters for both temp and humidity and it will send you an alert in either case if you exceed or drop below your set range. The advertised BT range was a joke and I wish I could find a wifi enabled unit. If anyone knows a accurate unit with a reasonable price tag LMK. I haven’t figured out how to, or even if I can export the data, but the graphs look cool and on the humidity scale you can even see every time you open the tent as it takes a giant dive.
Speaking of opening the tent, anyone running a cam in the tent for remote observation?
I’m really considering it because as a doting dad I want to check on the girls constantly and they’re probably getting tired of seeing my bloodshot peepers staring at them. LOL!
My eyes are red because I’ve been up all night reading on ILGM and of course that morning bowl of Gelato! LOL!

I’ll be doing the clear cups inside the red solos next time around. I like that being able to actually see the roots as they’re growing. I just did a garden cell tray thing I had left over from last years tomato grow. I’ watching every day for any signs of roots at the bottom but alas what I thought was my first root was not, just part of the mix. Bummer!

Hopefully others will chime in but I would thing for the vacation maybe you could intentionally over water them a bit and they’ll be ok? Maybe?
Of course the res on the humidifier won’t last that long but if it’s auto-shut off at least the first day or so you’d be ok there. Could always leave a bowl or 2 of water in there and let it slowly evaporate under the lights. May not maintain the exact humidity you need but better than nothing. At that point you’ll be in veg and won’t need the higher levels the seedlings require.

My seeds, all from ILGM.

NYD = New York Diesel, SSK = Super Skunk and GDP = Granddaddy Purple.
Maybe you could contact customer service and they can tell you which numeric code corresponds to which strain.
I’ll definitely be doing a homogeneous grow next go around. Maybe from clones off one of the current crop.
I have some experience cutting and rooting clones from other plants including Azaleas and roses. Weed CAN’T be tougher to clone than those. LOL!

Ugg - why did I put off cleaning house until today? What a way to entirely ruin a Saturday!

Happy Growing all and if we could get a answer on that perlite question that world be awesome. I’m going into week 3 and will transplanting soon!


wow I feel dumb that I didn’t realize the three digit letters correspond to the strain, guess it’s due to my red eyes lmao
I have
GSC- girl scout cookie
BAN- Bruce banner
GOA- gorilla glue auto
So that is figured out now, thanks
I need to start digging into the guides here and stop asking so many questions on the forums probably lol


I leave my fans on 24/7 and remember new growers usually kill there plants with kindness you don’t have to check your tent every 10 minutes sometimes i go 3 days without looking I have my infinity controler mounted outside tells me temp and humidity


You don’t necessary need to add perlite to happy frog, but I would cut with about 25% perlite if you can. That will help keep your soil from getting hard and compacted.

Light you got will be fine. Start probably 2’ above plants at maybe 30-40% power. Then just see how plants react and adjust as needed. Once they are rolling you should be able to veg around 50-60% power.

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Here’s the seed codes.
click on this & it should take you to the codes for seeds

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Todays update,
Lights came in yesterday, well the heatsink and 2 LED boards did, was supposed to be three boards so I emailed them, should know something soon hopefully.
Power supply is supposed to be here tomorrow.
I finally submitted that large amazon order, added jewelers loupe, added cf,ec,ppm tester, waiting on small rotating fan to physically see tent,

I do want to order the fox farm fertilizer three bottle kit. they sell in 16 or 32oz bottles, which should I get for 4 plants?

will probably get perlite and do the 25% mix, I think I have a 5 gallon bucket somewhere I can mix it. I guess I need to get a little hand garden shovel

I am guessing when you start watering your plants you are storing the water somewhere? old gallon jugs? how much water and nutrients will I be mixing at once later in the plants growth?

Guess I will be putting seeds in water in my near future, tyler you did paper towels? any reason why?

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Waiting on July 1st myself. Started a little early. gorilla glue auto flower popped the soil on 5/1. Now approximately 8 weeks in. Outgrew a 2X2X4 and a 3X3X6. Tried a Vivosun 1000 and 2000 LED along with a 150 watt Maxisun. First 4 or 5 weeks were 24/0 under the lights.


Welcome @SkinnyB great looking ladies!

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Good news! I know you’re getting excited now LOL.
They’re a good company so I’m sure they’ll get it straight asap.
I’m scared to add up all my Amazon orders over the last couple of months. My Smile charity will be getting a fat check this quarter LOL

I ordered the 32oz FF trio. Seems to me I read somewhere that it’s basically enough for a 5 plant grow. I still need to order the Sledgehammer. If I come up short due to my extra-curricular activities I can order a 16oz set. Up to 10 plants a civil penalty and $250 fine…hmmmm…
I don’t want to get to locked in as there are many systems I read about so I might try something else next grow. Although there are probably advantages of sticking to one line for a while when first learning.

Went to Lowe’s and got my perlite today, although I think I actually need another bag to get the 25%.
I was a land surveyor for about 12 years before I found a better way and I’ve always hated maths. LOL
To be fair, surveying doesn’t typically deal with volumes.

I’m using distilled water we have delivered which comes in gallon milk jugs and just mixing and Ph’ing as I go. My two outside girls are the only ones who’ve gotten fed yet and only twice so far.
I ordered CalMag - that seems to be a touchy subject in some circles but I’ve experienced calcium deficiencies in many a tomato and it’s really detrimental to growth and fruit if it happens so a little extra insurance maybe. It came yesterday so tomorrow I’ll give them a little with plain distilled no nutes.

I was super busy this weekend and didn’t spent a whole lot of time with the girls but they seem to be still doing well.
My outside girls are going like gangbusters!
I topped the bigger one and a caterpillar FIMmed the short one for me. That’s one butterfly that won’t play with a dog or fly and be free LOL!
At any rate, thought the little struggling girl might be done for and she’s coming back with a vengeance.
The topped one is branching nicely.
I’ll get some pics tomorrow.

Happy Growing Everyone!


Syndrix, happy to hear so of your items have arrived, that’s great news. Now you can start, since your seeds have arrived too, seeds aren’t labeled :angry: what a bummer, well I hope you find out what strains are what. The tent, 24x48x72, is a good tent! I had 8 in there veggin at different veg cycles, getting confused on what is what, being on meds. Anyhow, with either tent you have coming, you can grow 3/4 easy til 4 ft tall if you like. Or you have multi strains to see which 1 is going to give fatty fist size buds! Well good luck on your grow, I’ll be in the background, but hey ty oh got this. Btw! Harvest time see mmmm pretty :star_struck:


I am green with envy of your green!


Totally missed this part of my reply.

I had never heard of the soaking in water method before ILGM to be honest. Just the paper towel method.

I did a couple of guerilla grows in the past as well as a couple under a 400w MH - talk about problems controlling heat!
I used to use a filter case from my old 35mm camera filters and cut paper towels to fit and sandwich the seeds between opening a couple times a day to let in fresh air. Always had good luck and that was with just bag seed from whatever. Of course I’d sprinkle water in there too but just enough to dampen the towels, not soaking.
I had read about using the ziploc/paper towel method and it seemed like a natural extension of what I had done in the past.

I’d love to know the “production” dates on the 3 strains I ordered because they advertised Super Skunk as one of the easier to grow strains and I had a rough time getting them going where the other 2 were chomping at the bit to grow. I’m wondering if they were older seeds?
But I did get them going and you can’t tell the runt from the rest of the pack at this point

Happy Growing Everyone!


Tylersays, I hear you man, I’ve spent well over a couple grand buying all kind of shit, so I know what you mean. I was thinking about mr canucks making his own medium, soil based. My next grow from scratch will be my own Concoction. Like I spoke before I don’t use cal mag, I know nothing about it. I’m good. Perlite cut it 30-35%, hope that helps good luck with your grow

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oh those looks pretty lol
gorilla glue auto is what I am planning on starting with
when you say outgrew? height? how many plants are you doing? what size enclosure is working?
I was thinking about starting out 24/0 I want these things grown asap so I can stop spending so much on medical

Yeah i’m really excited, I think seeds are going to end up in water today, from everything I read time wise, I’ll be putting them in soil on the first if I start today water today and if it is off a little, shrug, lol
I’ve been keeping loose track of my total, I’m right at the 1k mark tbh, but I do feel like everything I have ordered up to this point has been top of the line, so I am happy with it, 1k is also the goal I set before starting, mainly because using 100$ a week worth of medical, as soon as this setup produces at least 10 weeks worth of product it has paid for itself to me.

Yeah I’ll just go to home depot or lowes and grab perlite,
I always thought land surveying was cool, how hard is it to get the gcicis or whatever the abbreviations are lmao, I am currently studying for drone pilot license 107, doctors are saying 6-12 months for my back to fully recover, not sure when i’m going to be able to work a regular 40hr/week job so I am trying to find things to do in the mean time. I also really enjoyed building this HLG light, which has me wondering how much of a market there might be for me to buy the panels and heatsinks from them and build and service their lights locally… things for me to think about I guess and i’m getting off subject.

I have an almost full gallon of distilled water I just got for radiator pc cleaning, i’ll use it to start the germ process. How much better is it to use distilled water for watering vs tap? or should I test my tap and compare?

I have never grown anything before so fingers crossed

10 plants only 250… that’s good information for the future, might need to double check this fact again in the future lmao

I’ll be looking forward to pics.

OldSkool, omg those pictures it’s so pretty, ugh I can not wait to have my own pictures. Thankfully my medical cannabis consumption is almost completely keeping me off of pain medication, but I can completely understand. They are labeled, I just didn’t understand their process, and after working 10 years in retail, I’m very disappointed in myself that I didn’t realize how they do it without needing assistance lmao
Yeah I thought about doing multi strain I really wanted at least one of each for tasting and testing, I have no idea what I actually like, but I am going to try and take it as simple as possible this first time around so one strain it is.

Hmmm I guess I need to figure out which pots I want to get, I just thought about pots lmao, I’ll start in solo cups, after water germ.
Oh I also need a net for my tent, but I need to wait and see tent actual size

So my ongoing short shopping list
fox farm fert 32oz
small rotating fan
pot holders/saucers
small shovel
plant scissors/gear?
I think that is all that is left for me to acquire
I guess later on I will have to figure out what I need for alter other process of drying/curing I’m not there yet though, probably half way into grown phase I’ll worry about this

also, HLG has contacted me and had a great conversation with me this morning, my replacement board is already on the way, amazing customer service all before 920am est impressive

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Do I see a future grow shop owner budding out? LOL

@dirtydave Meant to reply the other day - I’m getting better!
Most of the time I’m just looking at them LOL!

Maybe Spider Farmer will be nice and throw one in the tent for you. The one I got from them seems kinda flimsy though.

I’ll be transplanting the girls either today or tomorrow and letting the others go to their new homes >sniff<

Some quick shots before I head out for a couple of hours.

The Spice Girls all together! Things seemed to have stalled and I’m getting a lot of yellowing. Time for the Happy Frog.

The outside girls!

Granddaddy Purple professionally FIMmed by a hookah smoking caterpillar LOL.
She was struggling and I thought I might pull her and replace but she seems to be coming on strong now.

Granddaddy Purple topped by me! Should be able to get a good 8 branches and will probably start spreading them out in a few days. Everything below that will be trimmed.

I went to the Virginia NORML website to read up on the new law in real world terminology.
They know their target audience! LOL!

Happy Growing Everyone!


Looking good

Gave both the outside girls a gallon of Distilled water with 5ml CalMag in each.
I’m gonna use it on my tomatoes too but tbh I’m growing a different strain of heirlooms this year and they may not be as susceptible as the Cherokee Purple is. Insurance.

Water was Ph 5.89 and 5.94 in the two jugs so I’m right there at the bottom of the limits.

I should also mention this - the dirt is from last years tomato grow. I repurposed them lol.
If flushing is a thing then the soil should be a clean slate as they’ve been outside all winter and have gotten many, many gallons of rainwater washed through them.
I did not Ph the soil before planting in them but, TBH, they look good to me. And the smaller one has struggled from the stat so I really didn’t have much hope for her anyway but recent improvements may prove me wrong.

From here on out everything is going in FFHF with 25% perlite.

In fact, I’m gonna twist up a Gelato(which I’m officially calling Tom Cruise because it makes me dyslexic as hlee when I’m trying to type LOL) and go do my mix.

Grow Tools Assemble!

Happy Growing Everybody!

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Thanks. First real indoor grow. Grew outdoors years ago until the neighbors up the road got greedy.

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@syndrix Only grew 2. Plants right now are 53" and 46". The first picture was at 15 days old. Didnt do the expensive soil just some organic I got from Lowes. Every 7 days put some Shultz 20-20-20 mixed in a gallon with some recharge ( a soil amendment). They outgrew the 2x2x4 pretty quick. Went to the 3x3x6 and that was fine for a few weeks then had to put them in a home made 6x3x4 mylar lined area in my workshop. Bouncing 2 65 watt red spectrum LEDs off of the ends and 2 80 red spectrum LEDS from Lowes on the sides. Have the VIVOSUN VS 100, VS200, and MAXISUN PB1500 on top. Look into the recharge. My brother turned me onto it and its like rocket fuel. Its not a fertilizer so you can combine any nutrients you want with it. There is a ton of information on this forum with some very knowledgeable people which means it can be overwhelming at times if your just getting started. After all is said an done were just dealing with a weed. I`ve learned a few things and had fun doing it. Enjoy yourself.