Prepping for and first time grow

Cooler night temps and lower humidity will bring out the rainbow in some strains.
I’m hoping the outside GDP goes nuts in October when finishing up and we’ve had a couple nights of upper 50’s already! Mostly 60’s atm though. Of course they’re calling for 4 days of 90+ next week - I hope that doesn’t set them back but helps them stack on weight!

My humidity in the tent is super low during the day, but despite the T6 running all night I’m still getting high humidity during lights off. And it’s running at Lvl5!!I need to get my “dark period fresh air” set-up in place and maybe that’ll make a difference. Right now everything is closed up for light leak prevention since Wednesday. I hope so because lets see…warmth - check, humidity - check, media on which to grow - check…yup, everything’s just right for mold development. :frowning_face:

Gonna have to go back to the controller and set a lower high humidity threshold I guess and see if that helps. But I really need to get to work on my fresh air intake ASAP.

Yours really are looking good man!
What are your light settings?
If they can take a little more juice give it to 'em!! More light = denser bud.


Well I just watered the girls, 3 days is the max in between watering for sure.

I looked into my plant issues more, and decided to make a change in my feeding slightly.

I didn’t do any cal mag today, so instead of 5ml of call mag in each gallon I increased my tiger bloom by 5ml.

I did this because cal mag seems to focus on 3 specific things and the tiger bloom has those same three things but also some other things that I think I am seeing some slight deficiencies in, so by making this change they are getting the same level of the base stuff I was giving them but also getting more of the other things contained in the tiger bloom. Wait and watch and see if I messed up now lmao

gallon each, 6.5ph, 10ml tiger bloom each, 10ml big bloom each
Run off
P1 6.5 2040
P2 6.3 1310
P3 6.2 1720
P4 6.6 1430

I might look into why p2 and 3 are starting to go down in ph some, but might not worry about it to much until I have my new setup together and get it tested… Ordered pump and wave maker last night, about to go to HD to pick up some hose clamps and hose that I need to be ready for when pumps arrive.

I decided to not go with the autopots mainly for one reason, after digging into reviews and seeing multiple people complain about the float valves messing up and causing the res to empty…water damage… not taking that risk coming out of a 20k water damage claim

Pics of the girls, 4 still looking yellow af

Thanks for the responses I had not heard of “fall colors” before so I am excited to see what happens, plant 4 stems turned red in some places. This also temperature caused?
@Tylersays Funny you said that I actually just cranked my light up some about 3 days ago.I think at the top of plant 4 I am seeing as high as 1300 ppfd, at my lower plants it is giving me about 650-800
My new setup is going to push all the plants closer to the light… not sure what I am going to do about p4 when that happens yet lmao


It can be temperature caused but it can also be a sign of maturity if I remember correctly.

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Are they like a purple-ish red? I’ve heard that too about maturity, but every once in a while I see somebody swear it’s a deficiency.
I have the same thing, for a while now actually - inside.
I do not see any odd colored stems outside interestingly enough.
Maybe some small part of the spectrum the LEDs can’t replicate?
Doesn’t seem to hurt them to me so i don’t sweat it.

You actually kinda got lucky on your plants man. Look at the leaf structure, the shape and size is similar on the odd colored plant to the others. I think you have what’s called a different phenotype of the same hybrid strain.
Like some seeds are getting more genetics from the mother strain of the original hybrid and some are Dad-heavy. So, in effect, you could end up with two drastically different experiences between the two, or they could share some similarities with subtle differences.
The worst part is since they’re autos you can’t take clones just in case the oddball is a blowout, perfect plant!
The same thing will happen occasionally with hybrid tomatoes and some of those hybrids have been around for years.
Can’t wait until we start genetically modifying humans! What could possibly go wrong? :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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Yeah that same dark red that the long fan leaf branches get.

Hey @Tylersays those digital timers you got back when we started… Still working well? Can you program them by day? I think the setup I’m doing I need to run my pump like every 2 or 3 days for a short time, so I was curious.


Nah - you can do multiple daily timers and intervals but I don’t see a setting to do timers over the course of several days, or I guess on alternate days.
For us simple cavemen playing in dirt they work great! :joy: :rofl:

Yeah - same stems I get. It’s gotta be a spectrum thing. I checked the outside girls pretty closely the other day and didn’t see a hint of one.
Fat ole Sun!


OK man - I couldn’t stand it and did some digging. LOL!
First off - you’re growing Gorilla Glue, right? :joy:
I was thinking about the phenotype thing and the difference in those plants.
On the sales side of the site they say their GG , which the dark green plants look exactly like, is a hybrid of Sour Dub, Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel.
All three have the bushy white hairdo so that’s a common trait, but Sour Dub and Chocolate Diesel both tend to have darker green foliage whereas Chem’s Sister has a much lighter green leaf.
Apparently it’s a direct descendant of the original Chemdog '91 plant coming from the first of four seeds produced, one of which was male. Apparently it’s still a clone only strain.
ILGM does have a review of it! LOL!

Nice get!!

Hope your project is coming along and the ladies are well! :stopwatch: :rofl:


The ladies aren’t well!!!
Well at least plant 4 she yellow af maybe she just needs more nitrogen?

Help!!! Lmao

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Im not good a diagnosing deficiencies
Hey @Low can you verify if it is N

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Looks like nitrogen to me.

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Thank you @MadamCalamity and @Low .

Guess I’m about to water again and I’m really going to give it some N love😂

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Oh man I think I’m a day or 2 late on my watering… They are not happy…

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Yeah gorilla glue, all I have to do now it’s not kill it​:joy::joy:

At this point I’m thinking about flushing it again…

Can’t figure this girl out, have her more N but she doesn’t seem to like it.

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Wow your tent really got filled up quick

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Well I don’t think the issue was nitrogen… Looks way worse today​:sob::sob::sob::sob:


@Low can you help him out?

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Could still be nitrogen. Problems often get worse before they get better.

What’s the ph in and out?
The ppms in and out?


Sorry, I forgot to post my most recent watering info.

The girls are Gorilla glue autos
In happy frog soil
this most recent watering they each got a gallon of water
each gallon got 5ml of cal mag, 10mlbig bloom, 5ml tiger bloom plant 4 the giant yellow one, I gave 5ml grow big
The other 3 got 2ml grow big
I am using these nuets

my water going is tap water, after putting in nuets ppm is around 1050, ph water to 6.5
all but plant one did get one flush already. was a few weeks ago so I am thinking about flushing again tbh

water out is
p1 6.2 3700
p2 6.5 1700
p3 6.3 1650
p4 6.6 1780

my previous flush a while ago my ph had dropped pretty bad, so I added some dolomite lime to the top of the soil to help maintain it.

Thanks for the help, if you need any other info or anything, please let me know


Water at 6.8 pH and don’t feed again until the run off is 800-1000.