Prepping for and first time grow

Long zip ties and duct tape. You can thank me later!


Lol I saw that post his doctor says your eyes are like a 75-85 year old. But I also don’t follow every safety guideline ever written. To each is own

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My doc said my eyes are like a 71 yr old. Duh, I am


Just reminds me of OSHA safety stuff when I was in traveling construction lmao. I know its wrong and shouldn’t do it but if there isn’t someone hovering over me odds are I’m gonna do it anyways


Welcome aboard! Looks like you have solid advice, I’ll follow along. Happy growing. :seedling:

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Welcome to the forum! Only thing I will add is, lighting and ph control are at the top of my list of concerns.
Happy farming!


Okay I just woke up and after reading everyone’s responses I have canceled the tent kit and glasses.

I first want to say thank you to everyone responding and helping as I am sure I will not have time to respond to everyone individually. So thank you to everyone.

I re- checked my floor space, the most space I would like to give up initially is about 3x4 feet

So it looks like I am looking for a tent and then I need to start buying parts individually

I will go with the a/c infinity fan, I have some other stuff from them, top notch, should I do t4 or t6?

Now I need to figure out tent? does brand matter?

I guess the next step after that will be light, I am thinking this?

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The more I think about it the more convinced I am that I’m going to eliminate the filter.
With legal status is there any reason to run it? Seems like overkill and would probably make the fan last longer with less of a load on it. I’m venting out a window so it’s not like there will be a ton of smell in the lung room to begin with.
Plus the best smelling place I’ve ever been was the Green Cross dispensary in Venice Beach California! LOL
As far as potential thieves go they’ll have to get past the security team first - Smith, Wesson and Remington.
I’ve read lots of good things about HLG lights Syndrix so probably can’t go wrong with that. I have read a few posts where HLG guys are updating to a Meanwell driver for the board over the supplied Inventronics.
I know, bees are in the what now? Maybe someone with more knowledge can enlighten us.
That being said, so far I’m extremely happy with the SF-2000/SF-1000 combo I got. A couple of those girls are 3" tall with the 4th node starting already with the lights at approx 30" on 55% +/- power. I’m certainly no expert but they look healthy and stout to me. Time will tell.
I considered using my garage too but like yours it’s not air conditioned so I had to get over that idea. There’s no way I could control that heat out there. The worst part is a couple of years ago we basically did a total make over on the house but I never thought about a mini-split for the garage sadly. We did have Aprilaire whole house humidifier and dehumidifiers installed in the new HVAC. The house is basically all natural wood so we maintain 50% humidity year round pretty consistently. That’s a little bit of a plus I think.
We also had a whole house back up generator installed and that’s a huge plus, grower or not.

My current location. Excuse the mess - its an extra bedroom. I’ll be moving the quilts and blankets as soon as we work through our covid stash of TP. LOL!
That’s the 2x4 Spider Farmer. I’m happy and as long as you are that’s all that really matters. I don’t think we’re in a competition here.
Thanks for the help and tips guys!
Happy Farming!


Ooh! FedEx just stopped by and brought me this -

Guess I know what I’m dong after I run my errands!


Do you live alone cuz it can really stink up the place depending on the strain your growing. An if I lived in the city I’d want to eliminate the oder so nobody knew my house had pot in it for sure, lots of break ins could be avoided for a mear $80 bucks or so.


Nah, there’s two of us but she’s a former smoker so unless it gets really bad that shouldn’t be a problem.
I’d still have to run the exhaust to keep the heat in check and I’ll be venting right out of that window.
I live in the suburbs between a cop and his brood and a young couple. The window is closer to the young couple and they’re cool so no worries there.
Again, I will shoot someone trying to enter my home. I’m not a big gun guy but I am a big you ain’t taking what’s mine guy.
And I wouldn’t trash the filter, just not run it until it’s really needed if that time comes.
I do have this little girl going for my more legal minded neighbor -

Can’t let him see it till the 1st LOL!

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BigCat420, now that explains why I’m having heat issues with my grow, in the 4x4 tent with 4” inline fan, which failed 3 weeks ago. I started my Flowering at 10 weeks at 5 ft Sour Tangie, 5 ft tall Blackjack, and 4 1/2 ft tall Super Lemon that’s why I had to flip them to flower. Then damn near folded them in half, bent over to scrog them. Then threw 2 Runtz, in there to fill’er up. Put lots of stress on the girls, then heat issues happens, that why I’m getting a 6”x6”x6” y tubing flange to cross vent 390 cfm in my tent

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Well sorry I disappeared yesterday, as a new user I reached my post limit and was unable to post lol.

Iv’e been buying some individual pieces so far to start getting things together

I bought a grow tent from amazon, but I am not sure if it is going to show up 2x4x71 or 28x55x80,

Tyler what is the outside diameters of your tent? I am really hoping it shows up and is the larger size tbh, I should know in about a week.

I bought light parts individually, I am not sure what links I’m allowed to post, it seems amazon links are allowed but not others so I will try to do screen shots of the parts I got, I need to find forum rules.

I got the driver for 90$ the light for 280$ so 380 for the light isn’t bad, I have all the parts here I need to build it, I think.

I guess my next step and one that I have question about is air ventilation
I think the T4 will be large enough for this tent size.
I am looking at the ac infinity T4 and there are two options, one just has fan speed settings, low, med, high, the other has a temp/humidity controller.

I thought it was best for the fan to just run at a constant low speed? or do I need the upgraded one with the temp and humidity sensor?

So I would like to hear input on which of those two models I should go with.

After that I need to buy those other things tyler listed previously, but the shipping on all that small stuff was pretty quick.

If I am going to have my light, tent soil, on the first I wonder when I should start germ process, I also wonder how man plants I should do at once in this tent that is on the way.

Thanks again everyone for the help,


Thank you for this comprehensive list, I am going to go item by item I ordered some things knowing I need them. I don’t expect you to write a long explanation on the items I don’t know what they are needed for, but if you could tell me what the process name is or what I can research about to figure out how I want to proceed would be great.
Thanks again

fan, ordering t6 with filter and hose
Jewelers loupe? what for?
Sticky pads? what for?
Mosquito bits? this is common need?
rope pully, ordered, do I only need 4 for light? should I get more for vent system?
ph up down, ordered---- for water?
6 inch fan?
Drip clean? what is this?
Knee pad, order, smart idea, thank you
ph tester, ordered ----- is this just for testing my tap water and getting it ready?
cf,ec,ppm tester? What is this for?
Plant saucer— going to wait for tent to get here and verify interior size before ordering
Great white?

Well this ended up being a day to forget…ugg.

Now to unwind with something fun!

My actual outside dimensions are, astonishingly enough, the 24"x48"x71" they advertise.
Pleasant surprise when something is actually as advertised. LOL
I’m happy as a pig in slop with the tent and the entire set-up, actually.

That sounds way redneck! But after 25 years in the construction industry, and cursing being a big no-no here(lLOL) I have to watch what I say. My usual vernacular would make a sailor blush. LOL
Letters assembled in a certain order don’t really have anymore power than we give them.

I don’t think you can go wrong with the light and fan you’ve picked. Both are top of the line equipment by pretty much all the opinions I’ve read.
Honestly, after looking at every tent set-up I could find on Amazon and other sources all the tents look exactly the same.
In China for the past 50 years they’ve been building entire cities from nothing and generally each city caters to 1 or 2 types of manufacturing industries with all supporting infrastructure generally within a days drive. It’s why EVERYTHING is made there.
I’m sure there’s a city making these tents, probably in the city making camping tents and the like. That’s a days drive from the city making the lights, etc., etc.
Our pedestrian bridges are falling onto highways and our building are collapsing - sending LOVE your way Miami!
And that’s all I’ll say about that.

At any rate - it looking like you’re getting the best of equipment to get your start with. I’m sure I’ll be doing this for a long while ahead so who knows where the future goes. I have a solarium and would love to do experiments with winter grows out there with supplemental lights at some point. But I’m in no rush.
I wanna get this down good first before i start possibly wasting time LOL

I got my new humidifier in place yesterday and finally got everything hooked up and on timers.
Those little timers are much better than the mechanical one that came with the kit.
Of course, after the fact, I found a post that talked about cheap ways to increase the humidity. I probably could have done one of those a lot cheaper to supplement to Vicks humidifier until later when less humidity is required.
I was gonna try for 4 plants in the tent but with the footprint of that machine I could only do 3 so I figure when I go into serious veg and lower the lights a little and start raising the intensity I can switch back to the smaller one. I might be moving the girls to the “forever” home this weekend. I think I’m seeing the first root breaking through the little drain hole at the bottom of the cell.

Speaking of - I hope someone chimes in on this that knows but, I’ve been reading a lot about adding perlite to HF. Is this something I should do? Everything I had been reading said it was good to go straight out of the bag then suddenly i start seeing adding perlite as a thing.

Couldn’t resist the glamor shot! LOL
The New York Diesel getting a little natural light while I was trying to dial in the humidifier/fan.
Ended up on the back deck under speckled light for about 3 hrs total.
I’m really happy with the ILGM seeds.


You can probably take 1/2" to 3/4" off the exterior dimensions and get damn close to interior dimensions.
Might be worth cutting some circles out of your soon to be abundant boxes to get a better idea of size visually.

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Syndrix, it’s Vivosun6 is the code, for Vivosun products from Amazon, any Vivosun products. Hope this helps you, it helped me. Good luck on your grow.


If I were to grow in a tent I would choose all the same strain. This would allow my to train the plants to stay at an even high ect. Allow the plants to get even light penetration.
Sounds like you have a mecca of good help for your growing supplies. You are in good hands my friend. I will wait to chime in more once you are up and vegging along :slight_smile:
Happy growing…


I see what you’re saying Syndrix. The dimensions are listed as 2 different sizes. And the questions don’t help as that question gets 2 different replies.
Got to love Amazon LOL.

I hear you hippierunner - a homogeneous tent space would definitely be easiest to maintain and achieve the best results. Being our first year of legal growing I plan on doing the limit outside to try for max yield and a couple in the tent to get a feel for it and hopefully make it easier when I do my second, more serious, grow. I’d venture as far to say that an indica dominant strain would be better in the tent since it’s naturally a more squat, bushy plant. I’ve read stories of some sativa strains that have a huge stretch when flowering starts which I imagine can be frustrating to work around in an enclosed space. I plan on doing the New York Diesel outside and the Super Skunk in the tent… NYD is 60/40 sativa dominant where the SS is the exact opposite at 60/40 indica dominant.
The Granddaddy Purple was a impulse purchase. LOL My most successful grow ever was about 25 years ago in a slightly marshy are along the edge of a cow pasture, It was literally a set it and forget it attempt. Cut to October and thinking about heading in and seeing what it did - I hadn’t been there since it went in the hole. The single plant was about 7’ with a HUGE center cola and was a beautiful dark green/purple and the pistils were a lite lavender color. It was breath taking! This was long before digital technology and unfortunately because I was nervous about sending a roll to Kodak with shots of weed on it so I had loaded the camera with B&W film because I had a buddy who could develop and print in his darkroom. The central cola was as long as my arm and bigger around and like a brick in hardness. I got 3 gallon size ziplocs stuffed full of bud out of that plant and the smoke was mellow yet powerful at the same time. Whn I saw that on the site the memories flooded back and before I knew it I was filling out the payment form LOL

What strains are you gonna try Syndrix?


update for the day,

My soil arrived, yay, Like Tyler asked, does perlite or anything else need to be added to happy frog?

seeds arrived, but they are in three separate bags with just numbers on them but I have no way of knowing which is which. If I can figure out which is which I will probably do the Gorilla Glue Auto first.

I am guessing my tent is also going to be 24x48x71 but fingers crossed it comes bigger lol. I am glad you are happy with your setup, and hope your grow goes well. Yeah, all the tents looked similar in quality once you got around that 100$ range.

I don’t know what my humidity is in my house so I have no idea if I need a humidifier, I do have a small one in our bedroom currently. Oh I have a nest j/k my humidity inside is 52% currently

I hope the light I picked out is not too strong, I’ve seen @dbrn32 recommend the 260xl for 2x4 tent in other post, so hopefully having the third panel isn’t to much light, but if it is I can always wire for 2 if need be. My light and driver should be arriving soon. Also wondering if I should put the driver inside the tent or not but this can be a test and see thing I guess, probably start with the driver attached to the lights and go from there.

I think once my lights gets here I will start the germ process, I will have soil, lights and I can just stick them in red solo cups after they get the 1/2 root going. This sound right or do I need to research this process more?

Hey Tyler, those timers you got, if you lose power do they retain their settings? our power is known to flicker with storms so I don’t want to have any issues and need to find some timers still.
Should the exhaust fan run all the time? does it need a timer? or just the ability to speed up for temp and humidity? Also thanks for going through that list :+1:

Oldskool how is your grow going? sounds like you needed a lot of ventilation upgrades, also thanks for the code, I haven’t decided yet If I want 80$ or 20$ testers lol

Hippie, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll stick with 1 strain

Oh yeah, another question I had, we have a planned vacation, I will be gone 4 1/2 days at the end of July, so I will be 3 1/2-4 weeks into my grow, can I be away that long?

I think I have responded to everyone and all questions, but If I miss anything please feel free to remind me lmao, I still need to go through the rest of that list and place that large accessory order but I have most my cart built out

Thanks again everyone.

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