Prepping for and first time grow

If you are rotating straight water low ppm is fine on those days. Sometimes when it’s real low can be difficult to ph though.

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You can’t bend them, but you can chop that many leaves off?!?? I’m not following your logic now​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Tylersays you can still LST them if you want, done bend them a bunch at once, go 20 degrees of bend and stabilize them there for the day, then the next day pull your wire or whatever off and it will just about stay where it was then you can bend it further, I found that my plants liked the gradual bend into shape not the force at once, just guide them the right way gently.

if your scrog boards will slide down you can probably start by just going from top of plant over to your support board to get the first slight bend

I debated long and hard before culling those fans, I’ll be honest.
BUT - they were totally shading the shoots I need to get out to the light!
I felt bad but there’s enough green in there for them to keep thriving. It was only 8 leaves! BUT they were producing sugars, so I really did think about it, and read tons and watched videos and the consensus was sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind!
They’re rebounding just fine! I don’t even think they noticed! LOL!

This morning I got 4 gallons of tap water in my bucket, Ph 6.3 after a touch of Ph down, and it was treated for chlorine. PPM was low, hence my question and tag-ins above. i watered to run off and then profiled the ro from each plant individually.
The Ph was low, all in the 5.6-5.8 range, and PPM was WAY high! Like 4k +, except for the biggest skunk - she’s eating big. Hers was in the mid 3’s. Being in pots vrs bags I had some organic matter in the ro so I’m sure that’s causing spikes in addition to the copious nutes in the soil itself.
I’ve got it all written down in my book. LOL! Which is in the back room and I’m too lazy to go get atm. LOL.

You’re right - I’ve got to do some form of LST. LOL! I’m just a chicken!
And apparently my damn clips HAVEN’T shipped - wth? I ordered that 9 days ago! Can you cancel an Etsy order? LOL!
TBH, not sure what’s on the schedule for tomorrow so I might get a chance to do 1 or 2 of them.

I made little “pot elevators” this evening, sitting on my porch and partaking a little smoke! Took some PVC pipe and cut out 1" rings and glued 7 together in a circle. Tomorrow after the glue cures good I’m gonna put them under the pots, in the trays, That way the water can freely drain into the tray for collection with my giant syringe or a turkey baster if it comes to it. I was trying to figure out how people are collecting ro when the plants are in the scrog, This is the solution I came up with.I’m hoping with a slight incline placed on the tray I can get it out when the time comes.

I gave each a gallon very slowly and thoroughly, trying to ensure it was all wet. After collecting the ro from each tray and pouring it back into the 5gal bucket I had about 3/4 of a gallon waste. Well, the tomatoes outside got it! LOL! But, next time I’ll shoot for 3000ml each and see what kind of ro I get.
Anything extra I mix that I don’t need can go to the outside girls or the tomatoes.

BTW - I’m going FIM only in the future.
If you look at the “after” photo above the 2 in the middle were FIM and they have more tops, almost equal height, than the two I topped. They will be much easier to train too I think.

Enough rambling!!

Happy Growing Everyone!

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OMGoodness! The outside girls are loving this break in the heat and humidity!
Don’t get too settled ladies, it’ll be back!

In the second pic you can see the girls that went outside on the first on the right. They’re catching up!
You can really see the difference between these 2 and the 2 inside. I guess the more powerful sun really activates the 60% sativa in the genetics. The tops are bursting out from the FIM almost 2 weeks ago.
They’ll get CalMag and water today. Monday the big girls got a full FF feeding and I swear the biggest grew 2 inches since then!

I’ll do something in the tent today if her schedule allows me time! LOL!

Happy Growing Everyone!

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My first yellow tip

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Hmmm…Is it on new growth from a shoot or on one of the original leaves? She’s so bushy it’s hard to tell!
Way to early for the soil nutes to be gone, unless autos are VERY heavy feeders, I think.
I suppose it’s possible it’s light burn if one of the newly exposed, tender leaves.
How does the rest of the leaf look? Is the entire thing yellowing or just the tip?
The rest of the plant looks great so I don’t think it’ll be any problem. Sometimes plants have their own reasons, beyond our control, of what they do.

Not a day goes by without me questioning something I see on my girls!

Just keep your eyes on it and it the whole leaf starts to go you can always cut it! LOL!

@Tylersays @Syndrix
Both of your girls are looking great. That yellowing is totally normal. It’s just rapid growth. The chlorophyll can’t keep up with the new growth.

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Made the mistake of going to the guides a few minutes ago and up popped the G13 offer.
I decided to at least check it out and read up on it.
I now have 20 - G13 seeds otw. LOL!
And, like a outdoor leaf sucker on my girls, I couldn’t resist the 50% off offer on the Gold Leaf Feminized. So there’s 10 of them coming too!
edit: Heard a lot of good things about this one, so…

Guess I’ve got my next grow squared away! LOL!

I have GOT to stop!


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I think I want some photo seeds for one of my next grows, I am enjoying the lst and shaping of the plant

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Thanks for the G13 tip didn’t realize ILGM had added that strain so I’m off to spend some money


Yup - Brand spanking new! And a hell of a back story!
I’ll definitely be growing it outdoors next season - up to 40oz yield per plant!! That’s INSANE!!!

I hope they got plenty this could be a sell out since it’s new and so historic a weed and just becoming available as seed.

EDIT: Talk about 40oz to Freedom! LOL


Yeah the backstory has had it on my grow bucket list

Do it man! Of course there’s the longer growing period but that’s offset with better yields. Should easily still be able to do 2 full grows and start a third every year once you get used to it.

I’m seeing growth in my girls after the trim so I think I’m gonna try to do a little training tonight…
I need to put the extension cage on my outside girl too.

I’ll get some before and after shots if i do…of what i do…lol

EDIT I almost ordered the G13 auto for my mixed attempt nest grow. That strain is still TBD.

dang now both of you got me thinking about getting some fem g13… It looks like I could fill my entire tent with one? that is crazy!

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I know, right?
If i do it outside I’m doing it in a hole dug into and refilled with good dirt in the ground.

I was in the construction business for years, and construction related, I might start calling contractors I know and find one with a bobcat and a 3’ auger and get him to come over and dig me some giant holes!
I’ll pay!

@Tylersays U can rent a auger from home depot for 4 hours for dirt cheap. Up to 8" they also have adpaters to make em deep. I use it all the time when I build decks. For $55 you can make as many holes you want

yeah there’s a few places around where I can rent a small one.
I’m thinking about a BIG one! Like they use to dig bridge piers or building columns.
There’s a few companies around here that have them on hand.
I just gotta call the right people!

It might just end up being a pipe dream too!

I could settle for a 24" or 16" and do multiple bores in the same vicinity I guess. LOL!

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so if I am going on a trip and I leave the house in the evening, and I am gone 4 entire days, come back on the 5th day. If I water the plants and completely soak the soil before I leave, and water them as soon as I get back, they going to be okay? Anything else I should do for being gone that long? remove all lst wires? raise light?

I ordered a camera so I can watch them while gone lmao

Yeah - give them a good soaking and i think you’ll be fine.
Maybe ease off the light by 5% to lessen evaporation to be on the safe side?

Enjoy your vacation!

Best of Luck!