Prepping for and first time grow

Going to be starting my first grow soon, ideas, suggestions, things I’m missing? please tell me

So far after all the research I have done I have purchased and have on the way these items.

Grow tent set, including tent, poles, hangers, led grow light, fan, filter, duct, timer, thermometer, net, pots

fox farm happy frog soil

grow light sunglasses


If there is anything I am missing to get started please let me know,

My initial plan was to grow 4 at a time, but the research I have done 27inx27in people are saying to do 1-2 plants at a time? I am still thinking of doing three at a time?

should I only do one strain at a time? or okay to do one of each?

I am hoping to dry in the same tent hopefully? I haven’t researched this process much at this point yet, really trying to ensure I’m ready to go on the first

I guess I need tools for managing plants? recommendations?

There is a lot of great information out there, thank you all for any help


Syndrix, welcome first of all to the community. I just wanted to share something with you. I almost bought the complete kit just like you, but I bought my items separately and got a bigger tent, better light, and cheaper and I bought everything from amazon. Hope this helps you, that way you can flower more then 1-2 plants. Plus the discount codes from Vivosun6, 10% off their products. Tent, grow bags, meters, in-line fans, etc. good luck.


Hello Syndrix, I’m new here too.Lets help each other along man.
I just bought the SF-2000 kit they sell on Amazon, originally bought yours but it arrived missing a few poles. I had all the ones I needed to see the footprint and definitely decided to go up a size for my goals.
I figure it’s like buying a TV, decide what size you want and buy the next size up.
I got the 2X4 but I have purchased a SF-1000 to slave to the 2000 after watching a YouTube review on the tent.
BTW - there are quite a few vids featuring Spider Farmer stuff and some are quite impressive.
Got my Happy Frog today! But you will need fans, humidifier, PH meter and EC/PPM meter, plus nutrients after the first 4 weeks in the Happy Frog.
The first sounds like a winning date! My girls will be legal then, although almost a month old.
I’m in Virginia and we go legal grow on the first too! LOL
My last two weeks as an outlaw.
Thank JesuAllaBuddha!

*Technically we’re decriminalized now on possession so I’m just a civil lawbreaker! LOL


All from ILGM, Thx Robert!

Left tray is Super Skunk except for little deformed angel-winged specimen in lower right corner.
Center tray is New York Diesel. I am so impressed by the performance of this seed.
Right tray is Granddaddy Purple, as is the angel-wing from the first tray.
Don’t sort your seeds while smoking Gelato. LOL
All were started in distilled water soaked paper towels inside a Ziploc, kept in a warmish, dark space, the mancave. That was on the 9th. By the 11th one of the NYD had grown through the paper towel and all of them and the GDP had good taps. The SS had cracked, but I wouldn’t say popped.
SS by far the hardest to get started.
They went into the dirt the evening of the 11th
It’s a non-fertilized seed-started mix from Miracle-Gro.
These are all feminized photo.
I’m actually starting some for some other people, but I’ll be keeping the pick of each litter.
Probably more of the NYD - i LOVE that stuff!


Tylersays, welcome to the community, nice sprouts. Since you NYD, then you like Sour Tangie, I have some flowering, and some veggin, good luck on your grow. Let me if you like it,


Hello and welcome to the forum!

Buying a kit like this makes things simple, but is not always the best value. The tent is probably fine, the light mediocre at best for this size tent, and fan and filter who knows. It could certainly get you growing, but may end up replacing all of it in short period of time.

If you are just looking to get your feet wet and see how things go, this will probably be fine. If you are serious about making a commitment to growing and have any specific goals in mind, I would like to know what they are? That would make a lot easier to get an idea of what kind of equipment you will need.


what products did you get? links? I feel like I did decent research and I got the kit for 330$
I looked at getting the HLG 135 r and building it to save money but that was already 200$.

However I still feel like I can better customize what I want if I did individual purchasing. I wasn’t even sure what brands to start looking for lol

That’s what I’m talking about OldSkool - they look awesome, and that shot of the whole tent so impresses me.
And I know what you’re talking about on upgrades dbrn32, when I bought my BMW 2 years ago it had 302hp. Now we got 420, I figure thats where I’ll stop. LOL
I’m not using the timer from the kit I bought, needed more control and the fans/exhaust need to be on a slightly different schedule from the lights, so 2 pack of advanced heavy duty timers.
Bought a Walnutz Vicks humidifier last week, ordered a Aircare wick type humidifier Monday.
My humidity hovers in the mid 60s and temps around 75.
That humidity is low and almost uncontrollable. Tried a few different placements in the tent and can’t get an improvement.
So far the exhaust system is coping well. The number 1 complaint on Amazon is noise, and it does whine, but it’s in a room we don’t use much so it’s cool for me.
No funk yet so can’t comment on smell control if that an issue. Honestly, I don’t care, maybe I should pull the filter…?
I totally don’t want to hi-jack your post Syndrix!


Thank you!
Yes I went with simple, quick because I wanted to make sure I was ready to go when July 1st it becomes legal for me to grow up to 4 plants.

I would prefer to not be replacing things so quickly, I generally don’t mind spending a little more to get quality items, but I would also say I’m not trying spend a small fortune on this starting out.

I am pretty serious about the commitment, I recently about 3 months ago became a medical cannabis user and have been getting cannabis oil and using a vape device. Purchasing the medical cannabis oil is expensive and I’m using about a gram a week of it. So I am hoping to be able to successfully grow my own medicine.

I think I have the idea in my head that I want to grow 4 plants because I can and would be more comfortable having more product than less, but not sure i need that much end product tbh.

I just want to grow enough for me to consume, I’m sure on rare occasions I may have someone help with consumption lol.

I also debated buying and building the HLG 135r light but then was not sure how I would even begin piecing everything else together.

I am thinking of putting the grow tent either inside my home, but concerned about amount of smell, do the carbon filters really work that well? I also thought if the smell gets to bad I can put it in my garage, which is fully insulated, but not air conditioned.

Because I was debating garage was the main reason I went with 27inchx27inch because that is the most room I can give up in there currently. If I do decide to stay inside fully, I could go larger space probably up to 3x5feet, would have to verify tomorrow.

Not sure what else to add at this point, if there are other important things I can answer to help narrow things down, let me know.


Yeah, I was totally torn on what size to go with honestly but I didn’t want to miss the sale price or the start of legal grow, July 1st, I am also in VA. Sounds like you are going to be running slightly ahead of me lol

I apparently accidently learned how the quote feature works as well lol

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There are other things I got at Lowes, heavy duty power strip big enough to accommodate the timers and power rated for the load and pig tails to tie it all together.

LOL! I hear you, this is a different format from 20 years ago when I frequented Home Theater and Jeep forums. Takes some getting used to.

As mentioned, not all the seedlings are mine, I’m helping a couple of people out. So I’m hardening them off to go outside in a week or so. I’m doing a couple outside and a couple inside to get a feel for things this first short season.

Plus, I might still stay a little bit of an outlaw.
I really like that NYD…lol


Have you placed your order with Ilgm? All my seeds were ordered separately over the course of a month or so and the longest was 13 days the others came in at 12 and 11.
I can’t complain about that at all.
I have got to go to bed lol it’s almost 3am

edit: And I DID NOT pay 65$ for the nutes, that must be a much larger set or something.

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Welcome to the forums. Hold onto your hat cause everyone here wants you to succeed!!
I’m kinda new at this also but the one main thing you need is a good light.


Welcome to the forums! Your in a great place with no hate and helpful people. I’ll start by saying it seems everyone who has got a cheap ventilation unit usually switches over to the ac infinity cloudline series t4 or t6. I know my t4 was struggling in my 5x5x6 so I upgraded to a t6. After looking at that kit I’ve noticed it only comes with 2 rope adjusters id almost reccommend getting another pack of ratcheting rope adjusters but I personally like 4 per light big or small. Other things that are helpful but you don’t exactly need are mycorrhizae for tranplanting, (definitely need) ph up and down, something to battle pests because better to start early then start after you’ve been infested look into some yellow sticky pads, 1 or 2 clip on 6 inch fans for better circulation one up on top and one down below, a flushing agent (drip clean or sledgehammer off the top of my head), I found a good set of knee pads or a big kneeling pad works wonders if your on a basement floor like me so your not killing your knees, run off trays and risers if you’d like i don’t personally use them but others here do, jewelers loupe, cal-mag, and Epsom salt. Also like others have mentioned this is a good start but you’ll soon find out you want to upgrade your ph and ppm/ec meter and lights as those will major parts in your key to success! You have what you need to start and do a run but most fo these are extras to help IF you want them you don’t have to get them.

I hope for the best for you brother and ill be here to chime in whenever I can and keep in mind everyone has their suggestions but you gotta decide the way you want to grow and what techniques you like the best for yourself so take everything with a grain of salt


If you have the space you will be much happier with a 2x4 tent or even a 3x3. More floor space but more importantly, more head space. Tough to grow in a 5’ tall tent when fan, filter & lights take up 2’ of the vertical space. You will also be happier with the SF-2000 or comparable. Again because it is a little bigger, more power, and more flexible.
You can cancel the glasses. You will not be walking around working inside the tent so glasses are not needed.


I second this as I bought mine and never use them and neither does my girl. They did help more with the blurple lights at first but eventually end up tossed to the side and forgot about


I have 72 inches clearance and have issues when my plants get about 3ft or more so height is definitely an issue if your not doing autos


I almost have more height problems with sativa heavy autos. Photos you can train and time. Autos you can train up to a point until an auto says “I am taking over”.

I actually bought a pair of glasses when I started and got a free pair with a blurple. Happy to give both away.
Another item I thought I needed was a temp & RH controller. It is pointless in a small tent and in a room subject to independent HVAC control.


Don’t panic based on your timeline. Lots of this equipment is available pretty quickly. Even if you were to take a couple extra days, that is really nothing ove the course of typical 12ish week grow.

How much cannabis do you use on a monthly basis? My largest concern would be that you have a large enough grow space to meet your needs. I would expect most grows are going to take +/- 3 months. Then probably another few weeks to harvest, dry, and get some curing time in. So you would hopefully be growing enough that each harvest could last you months. A moderate consumer with decent results could be plenty good in 27"x27" tent. A heavy user, or maybe if you run into problems with your plants could potentially struggle to satisfy their needs without more space.


Ask @latewood about his view on glasses.