Preparing next set up...would like some advice please

I’m trying to plan my next grown while finishing off my first test grow.My grow box internal dimensions are 16.5" wide 11.25" deep and 27.75" tall. My plan is to do a scrog grow this time and see how that will work for me with such a small area. With a 6qt reservoir for DWC the distance from the top of the container to the bottom of my CFL lights is 15". If I build my net so that the canopy is 12" from the top of the reservoir that would leave about 3" to the lights with should be alright?

Not sure about the cfl’s but I use t5 ho fluorescent lights and I only have 3" from my canopy. The buds are above my net so you may be a little tight.

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Hey rock, I M also using a DWS. I measured 4’ between the floor and ceiling. I will use a led light source. Suggested space from plants is 12". Any thoughts on that?

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Read this Monster cropped goldleaf scrog @hillcrest21678 has got scrogging pretty well Sussed and has been using a relatively small space. 3" clearance with the CFL will be sufficient for vegetation, but not flowering, those colas need some room to grow!

After reading that thread I figured I’d try it in my limited space. I just wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it work oright not.

I might be able to move where I have my CFL’s which could give me about 3 more inches maybe. Currently they are on the top lid on the center I was thinking I could move them to the back wall sticking out towards the door but I’m worried I might loose some efficacy. Or my other thought was to lower my screen to 8" which would allow 5" for colas and still have 2" or so before touching the lights if I leave them in their current position.

okay so this is what I mean about the plant growing through your screen. I have 3" of clearance above the canopy and about 8" of plant above the screen and 18" from the screen down. With the thickness of the fixture itself you looking at 32"+- in total grow cabinet inside height. And that’s without allowing for air to circulate above the fixture(which I recommend) and exhaust components in the top of the grow. Not sure if I’m babbling or making sense