Preparing my coco for autoflowers

Hello all, I’m sorry to start yet another Convo about this, but all of the info I have researched and received is very conflicting. I am going to run all five of my Blueberry Auto seeds. I have 3 gallon fabric pots. I have 5 650g blocks of coco coir, two 8qt bags of perlite, and Dr. Earths veg and bloom nutrients. I also have cal-mag and pH up pH down and a pH meter. My question is: since I will be putting the seeds directly in the final containers to germinate, Should I charge my coco with CalMag before I mix in my dry ammendments, or should I wait until the seedling stage is over? I get conflicting answers here, and I am terrified I’m going to kill my plants before they’ve had a chance to grow. Please help me. I was supposed to start my grow last week, and am too scared to begin

This depends on be brand of coco. Some coco is already buffered. But you can.

Thank you for responding. The brand is Coco Bliss from Plantonix. There is nothing on or in the packaging to suggest wether it has been buffered or not. Suppose I don’t buffer it in CalMag…when would I add a CalMag supplement?

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This site is super informative if you’re going to grow in coco I’d recommend bookMarking the site