Preparing for Ohio Legalization, narrowed down to Cmh, or Qb roughly 3x3 to 4x4 grow space


This is my biggest concern… I was sold on Cmh until I landed here :wink: I have time to make a few final decisions as it looks like Ohio is gonna drag this out until they Federally get it done. I am so gitty though… Woot woot! AT 50 years old I never thought I would see the day! I am so flippin excited!

Thank you, I know this subject has been beat to death, but this is what I am down to and my most important decision, in my eyes. cmh or qb ?

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P.s. CMH 315 locally $350 otd 2 years walk in and replace on site… I believe it was a raptor brand, 3100 bulb etc…


r u wanting to fill a 3x3 or 4x4 wall to wall with flower lighting.?

315w CMH would be bare minimum for a 3x3,
QB would be best suited for a 4x4, 2x HLG 260w XL QB kits.!
or DIY QB.!

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Check out the DIY Quantum Board threads. Build your own light, hands down the best advice I got on here. @dbrn32 has a lot of threads on building a light. You absolutely won’t regret it!


The cmh are good lights, just make sure you use the Phillip’s green power if you go that route. You can get a more efficient light going with leds, but you’ll give up the uv. Usually comes down to where you fall on the uv and how much money you want to spend.


Im in a 3x3 and I have an easy diy QB setup for less than 300 bucks that kills it in my tent. And no need for heatsinks. :metal:


Would like to stay around $350.00 ish… I have not discounted QB and the more I read hmmm QB’s seem to be doing really well. I have purchased a 5x5 tent, but only want to use about 3’ to maybe 4’ so I have room to play as this will likely be a full term hobby! As soon as Ohio says go… Gonna check out imSICKkid the pics look like a nice clean build. P.s. Thanks everyone!

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No heat sink??? P.s. If anyone here is w/ HLG and would like to jump in w some numbers for a system that can potentially cover up to 4x4 lets talk! Going to go check out the HLG 260w XL Thank you OldSlowGuy! P.s. Think a sale will be popping on 4/20/19?? I have time!!! Flippin Ohio

P.s. Thanks in advance!


Looks like maybe a short road trip to HLG… 2hrs away :grinning:


Dbrn will handle you bud. He is the light god


The 132 and 120 boards run heatsink free. The lower power level and diode spacing allow pcb to provide enough cooling.

For a 4x4, like 4 288 boards at 2100ma. Running small light in big space is a little more difficult because you lose reflection around edges of canopy. But three 260 xl kits would be pretty solid setup in a 5x5. They run about $350 each, you could start with two and add third later and use whole 5x5.

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This is how I will always picture Dbrn in my head since we’ll never know who he truly is lol :joy:


Well I have enough cash for x-1 260xl now… or I could do the 4 288 would not be a problem building a skirt on the edges of the light frame " like a Mylar shower curtain" to help with the edges of the canopy. Decisions decisions… how many 288’s can be linked before a heat sink is needed? in case I want to utilize all my space? I know…

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You would need a heatsink for even 1 288 board at reasonable current. Mylar curtain works too.


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who needs a 6 pack when u can have a nice round keg.!! LOL


this is part of the appeal of QB,
u can get some now to start with and expand as money becomes available.!!


I am leaning toward Qb… I slept on it last night… I have some time here in Slow to the Go Ohio… Thank you!