Preparing coco for first time

I’m trying coco after several crops in soil. I grow in a closet tent, 2x4x6. So I bought some “premium” coco pith bricks, expanded them, added 15-20% perlite, filled 2 5-gal fabric pots. Went to prime the coco with AN Sensi Coco. 450PPM and 5.7pH going in. Got 8.5pH and over 8500 ppm out! Normal? Rinsed with water pH’d to 5.0, 250ppm. Went thru 8 gallons, still coming down. Thoughts?

No it is not normal. Coco coir is supposed to have a natural pH of around 6 + -…
What brand specifically is it?
I use Canna Coco bricks and have had no issues. I used to rinse it but no long do. If anything I will sieve some through a kitchen colander to sift out some of the finer pith.

These were “ZeeDix Premium Coco Coir with Low EC and pH balance” from Amazon. Will rinsing repair it?

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If it says triple washed no you don’t have to rinse it. You will how ever need to buffer it with Cal-Mag, growers on here who use Jacks 321 nutrient will buffer there coco with full strength Jacks. Usually 2 gals water with either Cal-Mag (7.5 ml per gal.) or full strength Jacks per gal.

:point_up_2: probably not. I’ve had to rinse off brand coco core several times. Rinse/flush down to 5.6-5.8. Mentioned earlier on calmag and Jacks and I follow that with a top feed of Recharge :love_you_gesture: