Preparing bud for smoking

All lot of talk has gone on around here about trichomes, topping, dimming, last, photo, veg, auto, dec, dec it goes on an on. I keep a 62% boveda pack in with my buds. I’m wondering what’s the best method to consume those buds.

I like by joint, bong, and vaporizer. But I’m wondering how you all prepare those buds for smoking.? Or do you just open the 62% rh jar and grab one to smoke


Those are my favorite methods, too. I usually grind my buds in my Santa Cruz Shredder, but sometimes just break them up with my fingers. It depends on the the bud, how dense and all that.

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Do you let ur buds dry out before smoking? I had my grinder full and had to take a break from smoking for about a month. I can back and the ground bud was dried but when I packed a bowl it was a very smooth smoke.

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It never sits around my place long enough to dry lol

I have had some super old buds I accidentally hid from myself, then found. Agreed, super smooth. Basically like an extra long cure.

I also harvested in January so it’s been curing about 10+ weeks

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