Preparing a flower pot

Ok so can’t I just use a dehumidifier from veg to flower or (the plants entire life cycle) if I know exactly when it’s going to be humid

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Like a dry tent is just what’s best, dry, dry, dry right I don’t really need the humid at all, do I, does it have any beneficial factors, I’m not trying to take shortcuts I just wanna make sure I’m understanding everything properly I been reading through a lot

No quite the opposite during veg you want higher humidity the higher the temperature is so that your plants sweat less and use that water to grow more heres an ideal humidity to temperature chart but eagles kept his tent at 90% and said his girls grew LIKE CRAZY

Alright so this is coming in the mail right now

(VIVOSUN Digital Indoor Thermometer and Hygrometer with Humidity Guage)

Once I get my numbers go from there… so I’m guessing the fan is what really plays a factor in humidity and should that be on high or low

This is her @ 1 week and a half

Does anybody know how high your light is suppose to be, is it 12” to 18” from top of the plant or the lip of the flower pot?

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Your seedling is stretching I would lower the light a little bit and I also do some backfilling around the stem. Small fan create a little airflow to help strengthen the stem.