Preparing a flower pot

I want to know which is better putting an inch of perlite at the bottom the pot, or just filling the pot up with soil and sitting it on top of bricks also, if I use the perlite is it ok to let it sit in the water like a normal house plant would?

Welcome to the forum mate , neither of those are really that good for cannabis half the reason for perlite is for aeration and at the bottom it’s not really doing that , and while bottom feeding is good you shouldn’t let it sit in water past the point of soil saturation because you want the medium to dry out to promote root development


So just fill the pot up with soil


Yup 30% perlite in soil blend will get you started fine

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You could do a layer at the bottom of your planter with clay pebbles to allow the base roots to reach water.

I’ve have pretty good results with root masses going from soil to a few inches of hydroton in a 7 1/2 gal planter

Will do

Is it ok to use tap water for the plants or do I need distilled water

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Tap water will be fine, preferably well water. if you’re on City water with chlorine let it set for a few days before you use it. Welcome to the community !

Ok another question I was wondering if that HLG 100 would will grow two plants at one time I saw people talking about it in a different forum but I don’t believe it was recent idk just curious to know how many light per plant

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Also what’s the way to control pest I’ve heard of Neem oil and dish soap, something called scanmask another was captain jacks bud killer which is the best route to go or should you jus have a carnivorous plant around to eat all the fungus gnats

I hear captain Jack’s is the safest bet for something you consume

I’m using jacks now as suggested here… had some bad mites and a couple other intruders seems to be working well… on my 7 week of flowering tomorrow … ladies smells like sweet candy or fruit …

It should do okay, but they may over frow each other depending on your space. I have the hlg 65 v2 4000k and it’s doing great for mainly 3 out of 4 of my plants but would be a lot better for just 1. I’d only suggest 1 or 2 plants under the 100. But the 135 rspec is my next light.
And about the water you’re gonna need to check the ph levels. And you want between 6 and 6.5 going into soil. Hydro would be lower.

You can get lady bugs an Diatamcious earth, I’d use food grade, and sprinkle a little on top of your soil and it works well. And if its fungus gnats you can also try watering a little less. Let your soil dry out and they should go away.

Wow y’all really check the soil Ph, how do you correct that if something is wrong and when do you check it… I just put the two seeds in soil like yesterday… one seed per pot so I’m germinating still… I’m waiting on my tent, fan, and exhaust I have a 300 watt UFO LED coming but then I heard about HLG and I’ll prolly return the 300 UFO LED and just get something from HLG

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I found the something really nice, and it takes care of thrips too… no spraying plants with anything I mean you are going to smoke this afterwards right… maybe still use the stuff for soil buts that’s it…

Safer Brand 5026 House Plant Sticky Stakes 7 Insect Killing Trap, 12 pack

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Take your time and try to learn and perfect with each grow. Ph your water first. Then maybe your next grow try slurry tests with your soil to check the ph of it. The more you control the better your plants will do. Increasing your yield and potency.

Slurry tests are a pain I’d only do it if my girls start looking really bad but I always ph my water and if your soil does have a ph problem flushing is the best way to reset

Ok Am I testing my water or Am I testing the soil and what’s a good ph number… can’t you add lime to the soil when you fertilize thou right

Water for sure ,soil in emergency, I believe your doing soil so 6.5